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Yoochun under suspicion of calling police to his home to serve them dinner while under investigation

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is looking into allegations that Yoochun invited police to his home.

According to police officials, "Yoochun allegedly invited police offers to his home for dinner and drinks at his manager's introduction back in 2016. This was also around the time he was booked and questioned on charges of sexual assault."

In June 2016, four women came forward alleging that Yoochun had sexually assaulted them at a room salon's bathroom toilet in southern Seoul. Police formed a 12-member investigation team to look into the case but dismissed the case as a "non-starter" due to no evidence.

Police found Yoochun innocent of all r*pe charges and Yoochun filed a complaint against two of the four women on charges of false accusation and blackmail. One woman 'S' filed a compensation suit against Yoochun last December and was awarded 100 million won in damages by the court.

In the meantime, Park Yoochun was recently released from a detention center on July 2nd after being arrested on charges of injecting philopon with ex-fiancee and Namyang granddaughter Hwang Hana. The court sentenced Yoochun to a suspended 10-month prison term and two year probation.

[netizen comments][+922, -30] ㅋㅋ YG is really working hard to get away..
[+592, -3] In the Burning Sun case, wasn't there a headline that 160 police were going to investigate the honor of police??.. yea..we haven't heard anything since..
[+289, -6] So what happened with investigations into Burning Sun police??
[+75, -4] He learned all kinds of things...aigoo we don't care..
[+38, -1] Gangnam Station again?? We really need to dig them up..

source: @dailynaver, dailynaver, naver
Tags: crime, douche, netizens, scandals, sexual harassment / sexual assault, yoochun

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