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Kang Ji Hwan Reportedly Hires New Lawyers From Big Law Firm In Preparation For Sexual Assault Trial

Kang Ji Hwan has reportedly hired new lawyers from one of Korea’s biggest law firms to defend him in his sexual assault case.

According to reporting by Star News, Kang Ji Hwan has hired four lawyers from law firm Lee & Ko ahead of his trial on quasi-rape and quasi-indecent acts by force. The actor had previously been releasing his statements through the law firm Hwa Hyun, but he appears to have hired new legal representatives from a bigger law firm for the trial.

Lee & Ko is one of the six biggest law firms in Korea. They recently took on cases for former Korean Air executive Cho Hyun Ah, and her mother and Ilwoo Foundation’s director Lee Myung Hee, who was charged with employing illegal immigrants for housework and unlawfully important brand-name products from overseas.

Kang Ji Hwan’s trial is expected to begin this month. His charges involve quasi-rape and quasi-indecent acts by force on two women who were sleeping in a room after sharing drinks in his home. The police arrested Kang Ji Hwan after they received a report from one of the victims, and Kang Ji Hwan admitted to the majority of charges, but stated he didn’t remember anything after they had drinks. On July 25, the police formally charged Kang Ji Hwan with sexual assault.


Omona, how do you feel about this?
with all these scandals going on, a 'trash' tag would come in handy
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