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“Running Man” To Team Up With Singer Jung Joon Il To Create Show’s Theme Song

SBS’s “Running Man” is getting a theme song!

The recent recording of “Running Man” followed the cast as they met with singer Jung Joon Il, who has been tasked with writing the song.

Jung Joon Il will reveal the melody of the “Running Man” theme song in the upcoming episode as he has the cast listen to his first demo. He expressed confidence as he stated, “When I was given the offer to write the song, I thought of the nine years you guys have spent together and immediately, a song came to my head.”

Hearing the melody, the members were in awe and shared their excitement, even giving Jung Joon Il a standing ovation for his work.

Jung Joon Il then gave the members the task of writing their own lyrics for the song, and the cast is said to have been shy about opening up through song lyrics.

The process of creating the new theme song will be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Running Man,” which will air on August 4.



Running man is so good these days, i'm really excited! I still wonder what happened to the whole LA project though...
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