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Rapper Tobi Lou and Vernon collab with 'Looped Up' + sampled Seventeen's Holiday for '17cg'

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Last year I did a chronicle of their friendship, and Tobi has since then released two MV's with Vernon shout-outs as well as now his new album with a collab with Vernon and sampling Seventeen's 'Holiday' for '17cg' :-)


Tobi Lou talking a tiny bit about his connection to Vernon

More friendship moments:

Vernon wearing Tobi Lou merch

Knock Knock with an appearance of a Vernon-phonecase (Idk if it was Vernon, but someone from Seventeen gifted it to Tobi Lou. Last year, it was an inside joke where all of Seventeen and several of their friends/staff had that exact phone case.)

Waterboy, again with an appearance of the Vernon-phonecase

Tobi also made it the cover of that single!

source: tobi lou 2 3, @tobilou 2, @bledis_poos, @godkyeom

How are you liking the collab? It's cool that Vernon mainly did his verse in Korean!
Tags: collaboration, foreign celebrities, music video, seventeen

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