1:39 pm - 08/04/2019

Monsta X play Stick-or-Twist + Interview on destroying Masculinity

During the interview they talk about touring the world, I will just summarise it to some memorable moments

  • Wonho was asked he was inspired by the other members when it comes to songwriting, "Only a little bit"

  • In regards to how Monsta X is constantly wearing bondage wear as stage outfits “Wearing a harness is just to express our song concept. Showing the audience what we want to show is the most important thing. We’re not ashamed. We’ve done a lot of sexual items, like harnesses and chains. We’re comfortable.

  • Kihyun says it isn't difficult to attract male fans, “It’s the same way when you see a good-looking actor on screen, You can say, ‘Wow. That’s a good-looking guy.’ And that’s how you become a fan.”

  • The members are aware that when it comes to Asian men in the western world they face challenges when it comes to masculinity and how Asian men are percieved to have a lack of masculinity. Minhyuk says everyone has a different definition to what masculinity is.

  • IM says being masculinity is "having a dick"He adds on that its more than that, its about loving/taking care of yourself. He doesn't believe in gender roles

Source CapitalFM@youtube GQ wontokgi@twitter

The interview is legit titled "Monsta X talk world domination and destroying masculinity" so I didn't make up the title lmao
4walls 4th-Aug-2019 05:39 am (UTC)
the part before they chose beyonce djfdwjsfdsldcsd. it's almost enough to forgive for choosing drake multiple times.

i don't think the interview was that deep, but hey, it's nice. hope wonho's all good!
daceymormont 4th-Aug-2019 05:17 pm (UTC)
jooheon's face (and kihyun "breaking" his arm lmao) when they had to choose between bey and ed sheeran. also appreciate them putting "hi mum" on the screen when shownu waved to her.

the interview is nice, despite the interviewer spinning it into "destroying masculinity" when it's really bare minimum, lol. still they are really bold, it's refreshing imo. i like how minhyuk said "i don’t think the world appreciates things in the right way"
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