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T-ara's Eunjeong & F.cuz's Jinon Relationship Stirs Up Fans

T-ara's Eunjeong & F.cuz's Jinon Relationship Stirs Up Fans

The special relationship new boy group leader Jinwoon of F.cuz and T-ara's leader Eunjeong have stirred up the fans.

Jinwoon and Eunjeong worked together as actors for SG Wannabe's music video 'Gashiri' in 2007. From this music video, people have truly noticed both leaders' good looks and acting skills.

Moreover, Jinon was supposed to be part of Supernova in the first place, the boy group that T-ara recently collaborated with. With that being said, their extremely tight relationship has caused the stir with the fans.

"Ever since T-ara debuted, I've already been a fan of their's. I'm extremely glad that our sunbae-hoobae relationship has been realized again," said Jinon. He also added that, "The debut's been extremely nerve-wracking and Eunjeong's advices were a big help to me".

Meanwhile, F.cuz recently released their debut track 'Jiggy'.

Written by: Park Youngwoon
Translated by: Elly@diadem

Tags: f.cuz, t-ara
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