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T-ara’s Hyomin Shares Letter After Longtime Fan Passes Away

T-ara’s Hyomin wrote a heartfelt letter to a longtime fan who passed away.

On August 5, Hyomin shared a photo of a handwritten letter and the screenshot of a post she was tagged in on Instagram along with a photo of herself putting a hat on a male fan.

The post she was tagged in read, “I’m contacting you because I really want your help. Yesterday morning, my friend passed away. I’m contacting you because he was someone who was a T-ara fan from when you debuted until now. Every time your song came out, he asked friends to listen to it, promoted it, attended all fan signing events, fan meetings, and birthday parties, and liked you. T-ara songs are playing right now at the incense altar. Last year at your birthday party, Jimin got your hat so he bragged about it and was really happy. I would be really happy if you could come see Jimin, but since it’s a big request, I hope you’ll reply while cherishing his memory.”

In her letter, Hyomin wrote, “Jimin. I heard unthinkable news today. The memory from that day still feels so real…I’m sorry I couldn’t be better to you. Many people including your family and friends cherish and love you, so forget all about the things that were painful and difficult here, and I hope only fun, joyful things happen there.”

She continued, “Thank you so much for always cheering on me and the T-ara members, and giving us strength. I’ll never forget you. And I’ll work harder in life. Please look after us in heaven too…! Then rest comfortably Jimin…to Jimin who’s in heaven. From Hyomin.”

Hyomin also added the caption, “Please pray so that Jimin can rest comfortably.”


source: @soompi, @hyominnn, soompi
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