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YG Entertainment Explains Details Regarding G-Dragon’s Art Exhibit

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon revealed some of the paintings he drew himself in his first exhibition “Untitled 2017” at the Dopeness Art Lab in Taipei beginning August 1!

On August 5, YG Entertainment shared, “[The pieces in] the exhibit in question are original paintings that G-Dragon painted prior to his enlistment that were printed onto acrylic frames to be commercialized. Merchandise manufacturing company UNWRAPP is cooperating with a business partner from China, and the [paintings] will be exhibited and sold in August in celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday month.”

The exhibition contains a total of seven paintings, including one large piece titled “Untitled 2017” along with six other pieces that make up “Flower Road.” Only 300 copies of “Untitled 2017” were made, and each copy is being sold for $518. Each piece in the “Flower Road” series is sold for $218, and 700 copies of each piece are available for purchase. To control the crowds, only 40 people can enter during each showing.

Further details were also provided on the paintings. A source explained that in the case of “Flower Road,” G-Dragon was inspired to create the artwork while looking at the view created by the audience during a concert.

Along with G-Dragon’s seven paintings on the first floor, an artwork made from a neon sign, two visual art pieces, and one large sculpture made by Taiwanese fans with G-Dragon’s discharge date are also displayed in the basement.

The exhibition in Taipei will take place until August 18 and continue in five major cities in Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

G-Dragon enlisted last year in February, and he is expected to be discharged on October 26 this year.

source: @soompi, soompi, nate, naver 1 2
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