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NCT Dream Breaks A Lot of NCT Records with 'We Boom' Comeback- and SM Doesn't Acknowledge It

So here I am compiling their records and achievements for this era. I want to give them the recognition they deserve if their company can't do it for them.

They beat their own record for We Go Up by almost 1 million views

Their highest Melon ranking was for Dream's We Go Up (19). Boom peaked at 16.

They have the highest 1st week sales, surpassing NCT 127's Regular- Irregular's 1st week sales in 2 days.
We Boom MV also became the fastest NCT video to reach 1 million likes

Time and again they prove to be the superior unit...and their future as a group is uncertain. What clownery is this?

Source: NCT Charts Twitter, NCTzen Union Twitter

*mods sorry i changed the image host for the gif! thanksss
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