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choding taeyeon receives coloring book and colored pencils

On 14th, a post with pictures was posted on MBC FM4U Taeyeon's chinhanchingo (chinchin) photo bulletin board. The title of the post reads, "Taeng DJ with a flower on her head". The pictures show Taeyeon with a big blue flower on her head and she couldn't withhold her excited facial expression. At the sight of 120 colored pencils and the coloring book, it is awe-inspiring to see Taeyeon's face lit-up, with no make-up on.

It was revealed that the blue flower, coloring book, and colored pencils were given to Taeyeon by fans. Fans remembered that in the chinchin broadcast last week, Taeyeon said, "I have been playing with the coloring book". In response, the fans had decided to give Taeyeon these presents.

The chinchin staff wrote, "Our choding(elementary school kid) Taeng DJ is excited again. Now she has more things to do in the waiting room at music programs".

She also added, "She(Taeyeon) was so happy that she said she wasn't tired anymore. I am happy for her. Thank you".

When netizens read this post, they commented, "This is the power of Chinchin; Thanks to those fans who prepared presents for Taeyeon. It made her happy. Seeing Taeyeon happy, other fans are happy as well. We would like to see pictures colored by Taeyeon".

original source
translated by cathdoe @ ssf

Aw she's so cute. I want a coloring book, too.
Tags: girls generation, radio, taeyeon
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