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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Every week I go through the old charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see who was on top 10 years ago in the 2nd week of August, 2009. A week full of iconic ladies!

#3 Kara “Wanna”

I was really into this song back then. I still think its super catchy and I still remember this choreography. The song did well, but they didn’t promote for very long. The follow up single, “Mister” was released a few weeks later and became their big breakout hit. Oh God, this made me miss them so much.

#2 Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”
Awww yeah, it’s that time of the year again! The day when “Abracadabra” blesses these posts. This time, let’s check out the ladies on M Countdown’s 10th anniversary show in 2014. They look fabulous! So hot! The camera work sucks so bad though lol. But it’s okay, we’re too busy doing the dance anyways.

#1 Baek Ji Young featuring Taecyeon “My Ear’s Candy”

In the mood for a pop-dance-techno track to start off the weekend? Baek Ji Young and 2PM’s Taecyeon has got you covered. I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy being told I’m loved in 4 different languages in the same song. All the warm fuzzies. Last month she celebrated her 20th anniversary as a singer.

Honorable Mentions

#4 T-ara “Lies”

This is the group’s debut song. I don’t remember this at all, they wouldn’t pop onto my radar for another few months. But I thought they debuted a year or two later wtf. Here’s their debut stage on M Countdown. They all look so little and young.

#9 2NE1 “I Don’t Care”

More babies! Bommie in shorts aww so cute! Dara looks the same of course lol. This was the last single off of the group’s debut album, and the first song from them that I really really liked. It’s probably still my favorite. The song would later go on to win Song of the Year at MAMA. Now I miss them too.

source: TV-People, Mnet Official, MBCkpop, Kpop7tara20092010, SBS KPOP PLAY & bugs
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