6:13 pm - 08/17/2019

SuperM Practice Video Teaser

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apathycollusion 18th-Aug-2019 01:56 am (UTC)
Yes since NCT hasn't been giving them the success in terms of SM's groups thus far. Dunno why they put 3 members who are going to enlist soon in the group, but on a fanbase front seems like SM thinks that some of them will go to NCT but judging by the fans reactions lmao.

SM does a great job building from the ground up their artists and for 2-3 years a good foundation to get a sizable solid fanbase. But after that not so much, and NCT is 4 years in their debut so SM really wants them to succeed after EXO. No offense but SM thinks dropping an act here like in Korea is going to work but you've to put in the time and that's why its difficult (SNSD- Interscope wanted them to put in 10 months for America but they balked). I rather they push a soloist, since I feel like the market is oversaturated rn.
lizanka23 18th-Aug-2019 04:05 am (UTC)
yeah they would definitely have to put in more time to have them be successful in the US more than 10 months and they would probably have to be stationed there but SM is not ready to accept that as a reality. a soloist could be interesting too. not a lot of male artists really dance right now, so they could fill that niche. i still think SM saw BTS' success and wanted to make as much money as Bighit does in the US even if Capitol Records approached them first. maybe Capitol records were also inspired by BTS
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