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lizanka23 18th-Aug-2019 05:55 pm (UTC)
korea definitely has its indie/experimental scene with lots of cool music but I'm not really familiar with if they get enough exposure and support from their labels and other industry people. In the States if you're an artist it seems like your music could end up on a popular TV show or you could perform at major heavily media covered music festivals, on radio shows, and even on some late shows you can see more experimental artists perform on TV, meanwhile on Korean music shows it's mostly pop/ ballads and sometimes some R&B or rock bands. the dramas and TV shows usually only feature pop or ballad songs, too. they don't really cover the diversity of music there is in the indie scene in Korea.

Korea has some older idols that still get to perform at their own tours and are respected like Shinhwa, TVXQ and BoA but you're right an idol's shelf life is usually shorter and they aren't held to the same high regard as performers and visionaries like someone like Beyonce or Madonna. Korea does have some of its own innovative figures that actually had an effect on pop culture but they aren't that well-known abroad like Seo Taji and the Boys (I think they started the trend of having multiple genres in one k-pop song, and were one of the first k-pop boy bands but wrote their own music), Lee Jong-Hyun was credited with bringing techno music to Korea and her performances are viewed as more experimental/ out there like performing a fan dance in over the top outfits, and then I would say Park Jiyoon is also important in how she's influenced girl groups' sexy concepts for many years to come. You always see a girl group member turning 20 covering "Coming of Age Ceremony"

Does Taemin get a lot of creative freedom? I feel like Bowie/Prince were considered innovative for their time adn that's why they have stood the test of time but I don't follow Taemin's career, so I don't know what he's done creatively. SM does seem mostly profit driven, so I feel like he would eventually have to leave SM to have more creative freedom like how the Wonder Girls were able to after they left JYP

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apathycollusion 18th-Aug-2019 10:00 pm (UTC)
Yeah it has a cool Indie/underground scene, I like the Peppertones and a lot of great house music is being made there rn. In regards to the Kpop industry though, I don't really see much deviation minus a few people. I feel like for those artists, they made their way in Japan and have an established fanbase there but it sucks b/c some of these people paved the way.

Compared to most SM artists, it seems so judging by how Lee Soo Man really respects/admires his work ethic/such so he has more input in his creative vision. If I'm being honest, I want him to be like Sunmi and eventually leave SM, to pursue his solo career (But I think he renewed his contract for a few years ?) but eventually I think that'll be the best decision.

lizanka23 19th-Aug-2019 01:16 am (UTC)
idk about Shinhwa and if they have dedicated Japanese fans but it seems like TVXQ and BoA are more respected in Japan for their skills as performers and vocalists whereas in Korea they're more like senior idols with some catchy dance moves.

Seo Taji is still performing in big stadiums in Korea and is pretty well respected it seems but the other artists I mentioned don't seem to be holding any concerts currently.

Yeah even though he gets more creative freedom than others SM still has to have their stamp all over it to make sure people know it's part of the SM brand except for maybe their sub-label artists like Giantpink or Woolim artists. For him to completely have everything match his creative vision leaving SM would be best
apathycollusion 19th-Aug-2019 01:20 am (UTC)
IA with everything you said! P.S Always a pleasure talking with you about these things btw!

"For him to completely have everything match his creative vision leaving SM would be best." (Insert Prayers Emoji) His latest release was a different direction in the sense that it's more adult/mature so hopefully he'll continue in that direction.
lizanka23 20th-Aug-2019 01:25 am (UTC)
It's always a pleasure talking about this with you too! I find this topic really interesting. pop music can be more innovative and creative than people give it credit for.

i guess i have to check out more of taemin's stuff too lol
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