4:50 pm - 08/18/2019

NCT Dream (Minus Haechan) Performed at K-World Festa As If It Were Their Own Concert

The number of NCTzens in the audience and their loud cheers really made it seem like this was an NCT Dream Concert.
They performed Stronger and Boom.

Haechan missed this performance (and MuBank) because he flew to Japan on the night of the 16th to perform for the Spotify on Stage in Midnight Sonic with NCT 127 at 3AM. He flew back to Seoul in the morning of the 17th and went straight to MuCore to perform with the other Dreamies. At 8PM, they held a fansign in COEX and there he mentioned how people were concerned and asking him if he was okay because of his packed schedule but he addressed the fans' concerns after the fansign and said..


081619 V Live After K-World Festa with Eng Sub

Source: Skpb K-Music Live [VOD] YT , @shininghaechan Twitter (1) (2) (3), 123 yo dream YT

aeipathy 18th-Aug-2019 11:11 pm (UTC)
not to belittle his being overworked (bc of course it's not healthy or fair to either group that haechan has schedules for both dream and 127 at the same time), but the one thought i had is at least he's still young; a teenager still has that energy to help them keep pushing through exhausting situations. but i hope he went and slept for 12 hours straight after all that. v_v guess they didn't want him to skip the 127 schedule since they were already missing jungwoo too (btw i hate sm for not updating fans on that situation right away and making us worry).
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