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Ku Hye Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun’s Agency Releases Official Statement About Divorce + Ku Hye Sun Responds

Prior Post: Ku Hye Sun Reveals That Ahn Jae Hyun Wants A Divorce + reveals text messages

Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s agency HB Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the couple’s marriage status.

On August 18, Ku Hye Sun revealed that her husband Ahn Jae Hyun wished to get a divorce, sharing screenshots of text messages they had exchanged. Their agency has now released an official statement regarding the issue and it reads as follows:

Hello, this is HB Entertainment.

We wish to give an explanation regarding the situation between our label actors Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun that was publicized today on August 18.

Despite the encouragement and expectations of many, the two actors recently reached a point where they felt they could no longer maintain their marriage due to various issues, and after a serious conversation, they both agreed to get a divorce.

As the agency of the two actors, we respected the decision they made after long and sincere talks over the past couple of months, and we hoped that they would lead happier lives separately in the future.

Ku Hye Sun recently appointed a lawyer and drafted a divorce agreement, which she then sent to Ahn Jae Hyun and requested that he also quickly appoint a lawyer and go through the necessary steps. Ku Hye Sun expressed that she wished to file for the divorce in August, and complete the divorce process by September.

And along with the divorce agreement, Ku Hye Sun sent over a draft of the statement she would be distributing to the press.

However, we came across an article earlier today that had Ku Hye Sun’s social media post [regarding the divorce] and both Ahn Jae Hyun and our agency were taken aback by it. As her post omitted the fact that the divorce was based on a mutual agreement after serious conversations, and simply stated that she did not want a divorce, we regrettably feel the need to explain the process despite this being their private life.

Though this is a part of their private life, we simply wish, as their agency, that neither side is hurt by this.

We apologize for causing concern to so many people.

Along with the official statement, HB Entertainment included a screenshot of the drafted statement that Ku Hye Sun was planning on giving to the press after the news of the divorce was publicized, and the draft reads as follows:

Hello, this is Ku Hye Sun.

First, I am deeply apologetic for bringing bad news to people who have loved me, and showed their support for my newlywed and married life.

Ahn Jae Hyun and I have agreed to end our marriage and we have started the process of filing for a divorce, and we submitted our request to divorce with the Seoul Family Court on August [date left blank], 2019. We have loved each other and been happy. However, we have also learned that there is a gap between us, and we wished to end things on happier terms before that distance widened, and we thought it would be best to walk our separate paths.

Regarding our divorce, as we each have our own personal lives and we will each continue our acting careers in the future, we ask that it be left as a personal matter and we wish for no baseless speculation or unnecessary misunderstandings.

I will work harder to repay your love with better projects and activities in the future.

Thank you.

From Ku Hye Sun.


Since the release of the official statement by HB Entertainment, Ku Hye Sun has shared her stance on her Instagram account. She wrote the caption, “Yesterday, I was in a rush to upload what I did because I expected official statements would be made today. Though we were in the process of talking about a divorce, we had not signed or agreed on a final decision yet. The official statement was made without consulting me. I wish to protect my family.”

The photo she shared is another text message she sent to Ahn Jae Hyun and the first one reads, “It says you’re on a call. Call me back,” at 1:40 a.m. KST. The next text was sent by Ku Hye Sun at 2:02 a.m. KST and reads as follows:

It says your line is still busy at this hour. I met and spoke with our board director today and I was told that you told the CEO that I had read KakaoTalk messages of you and the CEO badmouthing me, and that the faith I had in our marriage and our agency had been damaged. I don’t think it’s right for the agency to handle our divorce issue. And they stated that if I want it, they will terminate my contract and I think it’s right for me to leave the agency. I know that once I leave, rumors about a divorce would begin so I’m willing to get a divorce immediately, as you wanted. But if I leave the agency and we get a divorce, I will have no work so please send me the balance of our Yongin house. And let’s write down these promises with our lawyers and go through revisions on the divorce process. The reasons are the same as before. Your change of heart. Damage of trust. And I will accept that fact. Speak the truth. Send me the balance.

The Instagram post has been deleted as of 7 p.m. KST.

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pepsi_twist9 19th-Aug-2019 02:18 pm (UTC)
The decisions she's making. I feel really bad for her because shes definitely going to turn the public against her at this rate.
benihime99 19th-Aug-2019 02:38 pm (UTC)
I'm confused because in the text message she published herelf he does mention she gave him a press release and she didn't negate that from what I could read so I don't understand what's going on

The message from the agency (at least the first part) seemed quite fair
Just stating they agreed to divorce. Period.

Divorce are never easy (I mean they can be, my dad had an easy divorce) but I wonder if maybe she was spooked by the sog song case
Maybe things were going alrightish and after seeing the backlash she got scared? Which would be understandable

I'm just very confused because she's publishing a lot and he's saying quiet and thus she's not "helping her case" so to speak

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tungatunga 19th-Aug-2019 03:09 pm (UTC)
But after she said he was gossiping about her with agency CEO (which is a woman) public seems siding with her. Which I honestly don't understand, because I can count on one hand people who never bitch about their SO to friends/colleagues, and that's the biggest fault she could come aside from "he won't talk to my mother".

I admit I'm not big fan of airing things in public and that make me bias against her, but I don't think his agency ever planned to bury her, because that would bring a lot more attention to their split and with his career on the rise it's the last thing he needs, Song-Song couple divorce showed that it tainted images of both of them although SGH was hit more by hate comments.
rainstormraider 19th-Aug-2019 06:06 pm (UTC)
There's no way in all of this that she wouldn't be blamed. The women never have it easy in all this.
Even the current doubts about her prove that no matter what she does she will be painted as a difficult woman.

Also people here are really down playing the cultural significance of "he won't talk to my mother". That is a real thing. People don't just marry a person, they marry a family too.
nekobot 19th-Aug-2019 09:51 pm (UTC)
There's also the very real possibility that her mom might resent or blame her for it, thinking that she "let" it happen or asking questions like "why didn't you try this and that to keep him" which she'll never hear the end of and he could take one freaking day out of his schedule to take responsibility for all of this towards a woman he'll never have to see or talk to again for the rest of his life and save her a lifetime of misery. It's really sick that he won't even do this.
benihime99 19th-Aug-2019 06:18 pm (UTC)
eh idk, I don't talk about private matters with my superior (especially if my SO worked at the same place)
That's not very nice
daynr 19th-Aug-2019 08:17 pm (UTC)
They both worked for that CEO, I don't think it's appropriate to gossip about your SO who works in the same place, to the boss. And if the boss gossiped back, then it's really not ok.

If I worked for that agency and it seemed like my boss was siding with my partner who wanted a divorce, I would not be comfortable and would not assume my professional interests were going to be well represented.
binderwritings 19th-Aug-2019 02:55 pm (UTC)
I don't understand howI'm getting so much info about them during their divorce when no one I followed seemed to care as much about them when they were a happy couple.

I don't think she's going to be hated just because knets are already taking her side about him badmouthing her and she seems to be the more successful/ popular one in the relationship. Posting about it first seemed to help her. The only way it can probably go wrong is if she was unfaithful or they can show that she wanted to pursue divorce first.
mntsuklaa 19th-Aug-2019 03:15 pm (UTC)
I may have seen too many dramas in my lifetime but I'm going to assume that the topic of breaking up was brought up before, she didn't want to go through with it and thought that if she initiated the divorce proceedings he would "snap out of it" and realize he wanted to stay with her but it didn't work so now she's screwed and wants to make him miserable.

Or maybe she got nervous after the Song Song divorce like benihime99 said. Have people been as invested in the Ku Ahn couple as they were in the Song Song couple?

Regardless of the reason, I'm sad for her because the public is going to shit on her no matter what :(
baekpedaling 19th-Aug-2019 03:58 pm (UTC)
I kinda feel like he said he wanted a divorce, she was pissed hired her lawyer, drafted a statement and everything else but as she was doing all this really thought and decided she didn't want a divorce.

I just wish she would stop putting out things in a rush as she admitted. It seems, to me, like she's in a frenzy to put out what she wants to be seen before anything negative has really come out and it's working against her. This could of been a really quiet divorce since they both are at the same company
rainstormraider 19th-Aug-2019 06:03 pm (UTC)
Her agency ain't shit for this.
Fuck everyone involved in trying to ruin her.
daynr 19th-Aug-2019 08:13 pm (UTC)
Obviously I am only reading the translations, but a divorce can be agreed to by both parties and still be at the behest of only party. It's pretty normal to let go of a partner who does not want to be with you, so like, agency, let's not act like just because it was mutually agreed means they both definitely wanted a divorce.

It goes against my nature to be posting these private messages, but also, if this is what she thinks she needs to do, I support it.
nekobot 19th-Aug-2019 09:46 pm (UTC)
Even if she is messy with this I can understand why she's acting this way. He's just a model that can't act and she was one of the faces of hallyu at one point yet when someone like this happens it's almost inevitable that she will be the one that will be put on blast in the media while he will get some sort of boost out of this, she has every right to be paranoid. Women are still utterly disposable no matter what level they're at.

I definitely think people should be able to leave an unhappy marriage and don't think they would have made it in the long run anyway but I do think that once you get married, you have an obligation to try and work through issues you might have and stick with your partner in situations where you would break up in a normal relationship (not including stuff like cheating or violence obviously). The fact that him "falling out of love" was the main argument shows how immature he is because it's inevitable that your feelings towards someone will change when you plan on settling down with them for -life- and just going "welp that was that" and ending things without even trying because you want to get to your next rebound asap is in terrible taste. You can fall out of love with someone but still respect them as a person and make them feel like they're worth some effort, even just to have things end on good(ish) terms, especially when you know your partner will suffer so much in their public and private life for it.
kimbafierce 19th-Aug-2019 10:23 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't be surprised if she knew what statement the agency was going to put forward and was not happy with it. If the CEO was really badmouthing her with her soon to be ex husband than she definitely had reasons to freak out.

Idk much about them since I'm not interested in Kdrama, but everything that came out about this doesn't paint him in the best light. He comes off as irresponsible, especially when he refuse to talk to her mother in person. So many of his stans were defending him over the 'talk to my mother' part like it was something insignificant, "he married you not your mother", but she IS his "mother"-in-law, the least he can do is have the balls to talk to her in person.

Men tho..
nekobot 19th-Aug-2019 10:32 pm (UTC)
It is such typical male behaviour. Even if he was 100% in the right here (which, lbr, is not even a possibility) he could just be the bigger person, go see her mother for a few hours after he made a big deal about involving her in his proposal, get it over with and save himself a ton of grief and time not having that thrown in his face in the future and prove that he's a responsible person. The worst that could happen is he'll get scolded or have his face pressed in his own failures and it's obvious why he's not willing to do it. He's such a coward.
kimbafierce 19th-Aug-2019 10:56 pm (UTC)
Exactly. Someone quoted his "I'll just phone her, idk what to say to her in person" and said 'say the same thing you were gonna say to her on the phone but in person' and I was like seriously! How hard could that be?!!
But of course bullshiting his reasons through the phone is much easier than on person.

I hope the public never turns on her. For once I want the woman to get out of a mess in a better position than the man. Just once.
hipployta 21st-Aug-2019 11:06 am (UTC)
The moment she said a board director let her know they were talking shit so she needs to leave but won't get work so she wants the house is when you know it got real. That company is on his side. She is being proactive to protect herself. She looked at SHG being quiet and she saw how that went.

Honestly is it fell out of love or he saw other options because he's got time to talk to the NJTTW crew but none for her Mother.

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