4:32 pm - 08/19/2019

KCON LA 2019 Performances

Day 1

ATEEZ - Very Good, Wave, Dancing Like Butterfly Wings, Say My Name, Hala Hala

LOONA - Not Today, Butterfly, Hi High

AB6IX - Breathe, Shining Stars, Hollywood

Momoland - I'm So Hot, Baam, Bboom Bboom

SF9 - RPM, O Sole Mio, Now or Never, Play Hard

IZ*One - Violeta, Highlight, La Vie en Rose, Airplane, Pick Me

NU'EST - Dejavu, Love Paint, R.L.T.L (One Morning), Bet Bet

Day 2

Stray Kids x N-Flying - gogobebe + Dalla Dalla

Stray Kids - Side Effects, Victory Song, MIROH, My Pace

Seventeen - Highlight (Remix), HIT, Good To Me, Clap, Adore U, Very Nice

Mamamoo - Starry Night, Egoistic, Décalcomanie, gogobebe

Verivery - Tag Tag Tag, Ring Ring Ring

Itzy - ICY, IT'z Summer, Dalla Dalla

N.Flying - Rooftop (they performed more, like a Queen cover, but i can't find videos)

Fromis_9 - Love Bomb (Remix), FUN!

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adlyeith 19th-Aug-2019 08:57 pm (UTC)
I would like to know what the camera operators were doing during Seventeen's performance (and the sound technicians, because come on), because it seems like they followed the same few members most of the time, stayed zoomed in to the center of the stage, and refused to give more than a few wide shots of the whole group. I hope a higher quality version of their performances makes its way online soon (or I might have to hunt for fancams).

- All the little interactions between the members while they were dancing were great (hand slaps, etc).
- I've missed Adore U quite a bit more than I realized, I need to go back and watch some more live performances of it.
- I'm so happy that Seungkwan was able to take part in KCON LA, since he didn't participate in NYC. He's lost more weight than I realized, his face has really slimmed down from the last time I really watched him in a live performance.
- The nod to their newer choreo in some of their older stuff made me smile. It's nice to see nods between their works.
- Watching the dance for Adore U, it's clear how much they've grown over the past couple years and how they keep pushing themselves.

They are such a group of visuals, especially as they get older. I complain about the camera work, but there were a generous amount of close ups that probably made a lot of people happy haha. Seventeen definitely know how to work a crowd though, towards the end of it I forgot that I was watching something from KCON and thought I was watching a clip from one of their concerts.

One of the things that I appreciate most about Seventeen is that they all look like they want to be up on that stage. They're having a good time, no one looks like they would rather be anywhere else, they're all seemingly giving full effort, and that makes their performances very enjoyable to watch. 아주 Nice made me smile the entire time, because they looked like they were having fun.

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