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LOL: Did Infinite's L (or his PR person) copy other idols' letters?

The lines that were copied word-for-word (literally) by Infinite’s L from Seohyun’s message to SONEs lol

"수많은 고민과 결심 끝에 어려운 결정을 하게 되었습니다"
"I made the difficult decision after a lot of worrying."

"제 인생에서 새로운 도전이 필요하다는 생각이 들었고”
“I think that I need a new challenge in my life”

"비록 예전과는 조금 다른 모양과 방식으로 함께할지라도 서로를 응원해주고 함께 할 거라는 믿음만은 변함이 없습니다.”
"Although we might be together in a different way than before, my belief in the fact that we will support each other and be together has not changed.”

"앞으로도 (소녀시대로서/ 인피니트 멤버들과+) 제가 필요한 곳이 있다면 언제든 (언니들/멤버들)과 함께하기 위해 최선을 다할 것입니다.”
"But if there is ever a need for me as (SNSD/Infinite) in the future, I will do my best to be together with my members, no matter when it is.”

"그동안 저를 믿어주시고 더없이 뜨겁고 큰 사랑을 주신 수많은 (팬/인스피릿) 여러분께 진심으로 감사드리고 또 감사합니다”
“I’m so sincerely thankful to all of you (fans/Inspirit) who have always believed in me and given me so much warm and great love"

The English translations will definitely differ between the two due to translators and context.

But the Korean words in the sentences are exactly the same lol
Except SNSD > Infinite, unnies > members, etc

Seohyun's letter: soompi
L's letter: soompi

Yellow - SNSD Seohyun
Dark green - BAP Bang Yong Gun
Orange - Lee Gaeun After School
Pink - AOA Yoo Kyung
Light Green - 15& Jimin
Blue - Hoya

source: oh_mes2, taengnito 2, jasminelep (thread)

What do you think? Is this copied? Or inspired? Or are all these letters so similar anyways that it's hard to say? Do you think he wrote it or his PR team?
Tags: #teampinky, fail, infinite, lolz

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