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Listening Post - Red Velvet: 'The Reve Festival Day 2'

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lizanka23 21st-Aug-2019 02:28 am (UTC)
umpha umpha was a good title song choice. it's uplifting, makes you want to jump around and those vocal harmonies. people are so used to beat drops and overproduction in k-pop nowadays, so k-pop is lacking in vocals and harmonies nowadays except for maybe a high note here and there.

absolutely love Jumping and Ladies Night. Jumping has that feel good early 2000s girl group vibe. ladies night with that 70/80s beat and its so layered in melodies and those vocals. also the last song eyes locked hands locked is really good too. so smooth and chill. just love how vocal focused this album is

least faves were carpool and love is the way but maybe i'll warm up to them after another listen

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croox_shielle 21st-Aug-2019 03:10 am (UTC)
I haven't listened enough times to have an informed opinion on all the songs, but so far UU and Ladies Night are my faves! They made me want to dance~.

As many other users, I also think day 1 had more standout songs, while this mini is more cohesive. I guess the songs needed a stronger/more memorable chorus and/or bridge? Because the vocals are beautiful! They have really improved! My only 'but' in this regard it's that the use of their lowers ranges was increasing, and in this mini it isn't present :c. Gotta admit those soaring/delicate-sounding notes make up for it.

Now that I think about it, this mini kind of reminds me of the RR one - it too had an overall cohesive sound and the vocals were good and made the songs better, but nothing stood out to me (except the tt). This one it's way better, tho (and not just because of LN haha).

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evilcoc0nut 24th-Aug-2019 02:28 am (UTC)
Umpah umpah is better than Zimzalabim lol. The "something unforgettable" chorus kept getting me. But I agree that Day 1 had more songs that stood out overall. Love Is The Way has such a cool retro sound tho. And fantastic harmonies. Ladies Night is nice and chill.
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