7:52 am - 08/21/2019

BigHit News Roundup: Ticketing Lottery, Girl Group Auditions and BTS Universe Drama

Big Hit Entertainment will use a lottery system for ticketing of events around the world in the near future.

On August 21, Big Hit held a corporate briefing in Seoul with co-CEO’s Bang Shi Hyuk and Yoon Seok Jun, as well as beNX’s CEO Seo Wook Seok present.

Yoon Seok Jun confirmed that the lottery system they initially introduced for BTS‘s fan meeting in June and their Seoul concert in October will continue to be used moving forward, saying, “The ticketing lottery system will gradually be used for overseas tours to improve fans’ experiences.”

The lottery system will be put in place in hopes to eliminate unfair ticketing circumstances and is one of the many improvements that Big Hit introduced to improve their fans’ concert experiences. Among others, they also introduced different ways to sell concert goods, a play zone made for fans waiting outside a venue, and live viewing services for group-viewing in a location close to the venue, live streaming services for fans to enjoy the concerts from home, and pop-up stores on the day of the concert.

Bang Shi Hyuk spoke, “BTS earned the title of ’21st century Beatles,’ while TXT earned the title of ’21st century global rookies.’ Big Hit has also shown steady growth in several fields including digital and physical album production, content production, merchandise, and more. In July, we placed No. 1 on the worldwide chart for concert tour sales.”

He continued, “There has also been a lot of change in our internal organization. Our number of employees has almost quadrupled, and we are currently working on changing to a multi-label system. We are also preparing to improve specialization for the business aspect. An example of this is our recruitment of CBO Min Hee Jin.”

Bang Shi Hyuk then announced, “Big Hit and Source Music are jointly launching a global audition,” and explained, “A global audition will be held for the debut lineup of a new girl group based on the philosophy of Bang Shi Hyuk and know-how of Min Hee Jin.”

Big Hit announced, “We are currently preparing a drama based on the BTS Universe with a famous Korean production studio. The goal is to launch it in the latter half of 2020.”

This drama will tell the story of seven boys who meet for the first time in the BTS Universe. As the drama will be based on when BTS was younger, the members will not personally act in the drama, and they will cast actors instead.

Additionally, Big Hit announced plans to greet both fans and the public through various media and genres with webtoons, novels, games, animations, comic books, and dramas. They plan on incorporating storytelling for other artists from other labels in addition to BTS.

Source: Soompi 1 2 3 4, Naver 1 2 3 4, Star Daily News 1

Oh no, lottery ... I mean it's more fair but I'm even more nervous for ticketing now that things will be out of my hands, hahhh ...
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dalpaengi 21st-Aug-2019 07:20 am (UTC)
That drama idea makes me uncomfortable but I’m not sure why. That said, better they produce this themselves rather than Lifetime channel making an attempt lol
I’m sure it’ll all be high quality so I wanna watch it.
aviv 21st-Aug-2019 07:32 am (UTC)
Among those new “improvements” I hope they have a better way to check the identity of people getting their tickets. My friend went to the Muster and cos she had the global interpark membership she had to wait in line to get the ticket on that day... and the staff forced her to show at least three different IDs and to also log into her interpark account to prove that it was hers. Some people didn’t get their tickets cos according to staff they didn’t look like their pics in their passports . . .
scionofawhisper 21st-Aug-2019 07:59 am (UTC)
What is Shi hyuk's philosophy...has he ever talked about it?
mecchayabai 21st-Aug-2019 08:26 am (UTC)
babyjenkski 21st-Aug-2019 08:37 am (UTC)
Its expensive and emotionally challenging being a fan! Had the chance to watch their concert live and will continue to hope to get to their concerts again in the future. Its an amazing experience! But I guess its going to be with a bit more difficulty.

Bighit trying to put in more control over ticketing is kinda making it like a very elite and exclusive thing/experience. I sometimes wonder if a regular fan like me can keep up.
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 09:13 am (UTC)
"BiGhIt Is ThE bEsT cOmPaNy EvEr"

Yeah, what a great way to divide the rich and poor fans even more.
Also, @ all those who say "if you don't want it don't buy it" when people say they're just here for the music and not all this extra content, fuck you. Now they literally have to buy a membership for a club with extra content just to have a CHANCE of getting a ticket for a concert. As consumers we have EVERY RIGHT to criticize what they sell us.

I really hope fans will speak with their money, but I'm afraid they won't, since many are mindless sheep that will eat everything Band PD throws at them.

Drama, games... Slapping BTS' name on things that have nothing to do with music, because like I've already mentioned, the majority of fans will buy anything just because it has BTS' name on it. Look, I wouldn't be so negative about these things if the company was more invested towards the musical part of BTS, as a group (like more artistic freedom) and mostly as individuals, and not making SO MUCH extra content. Sometimes it feels like they aren't musicians.

And on another note, it's so weird that, with a few exceptions, each member isn't making a name for themselves (like, promoted individually). Members of other groups have solos, acting gigs, musicals, variety shows, etc. BTS, in their majority, are isolated. It also doesn't help that when some fans say they want a member to have a solo they get attacked by other fans ("ot7 or unstan", "solo stan", "hater", etc). LIKE IT'S A BAD THING TO WANT FOR MEMBERS TO BE JUST TAEHYUNG, SEOKJIN, ETC AND NOT BTS. Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok have done it and will most likely continue to do it, so why is it SUCH A SIN to want the same thing for the other members? Just because people want solos for the every member, IT DOESN'T MEAN THEY WILL STOP BEING MEMBERS OF BTS FFS.

sorry I just wanted to get all this off my chest
froggster 21st-Aug-2019 09:21 am (UTC)
yes to all.

and yeah they're a brand first and a band second (maybe not even second at this point tbh). That much is clear
sjtaazrz 21st-Aug-2019 09:59 am (UTC)
" TXT earned the title of ’21st century global rookies.’ " citation needed.
I don't know why they're trying to make TXT so global when they're better off focusing on Korea and having international fans warm up to them like plenty of other K-pop groups.

The same with this global search for a girl group. With international relations making the Korean public even harder on Japanese and Chinese idols right now, I wonder why they'd do a global search (I mean, money, obviously, but ya know). First, what is his philosophy? Second, Min Heejin's done some good work but it all started to look similar, so I'm curious as to how the group will turn out. I like that it's considered BH and Source Music though. I wonder if the group will end up with more of a Source Music sound.

The whole drama just sounds dumb. I'll be happy to be proved wrong, but I don't think it'll turn out well. It sounds like a those "Another Story" missions from their video came and that was so poorly written and boringly shot. I doubt they'll write interesting characters/story. And the ~BTS Universe~ is basically just the world now, no? Unless they mean the fictional universe when V stabs his abusive father and Suga sets fire to hotel rooms and other stuff from their MV story lines, which, again, isn't really compelling. If those flashbacks to J-hope's childhood in that one trailer was an indication of these early life scenes, then they can keep it.
magicpineapple 21st-Aug-2019 11:52 am (UTC)
Idk I’m probably just easily amused, but I think it’d be really really interesting to see the story lines you mentioned about Suga/V/J-Ho(oooooooooo)pe. They set up some interesting storylines, & if the theories are to be believed, there’s also a/some ~supernatural~ element(s) to it. On the other hand, if it’s gonna be poorly & cheesy with terrible acting, then nothx lol
lydzi 21st-Aug-2019 11:08 am (UTC)
Whaaaat? Capitalism is a disease. I love you with all my heart BTS, but not with all my wallet 😅

That drama is going to be great in the sense that it's a good plot but the all look-alike with actual BTS is going to be cringe. We'll see. I'm willing to give it a short. You have to give crédit to Big hit to be bolder in terms of marketing.
juhli 21st-Aug-2019 11:49 am (UTC)
The lottery system will be put in place in hopes to eliminate unfair ticketing circumstances and is one of the many improvements that Big Hit introduced to improve their fans’ concert experiences. Among others, they also introduced different ways to sell concert goods, a play zone made for fans waiting outside a venue, and live viewing services for group-viewing in a location close to the venue, live streaming services for fans to enjoy the concerts from home, and pop-up stores on the day of the concert.

I like all these ideas!
nekokonneko 21st-Aug-2019 12:00 pm (UTC)
Same, especially livestreams for concerts. With them being so huge, it's becoming more and more improbable for them to do enough concerts in enough places to cover even a significant chunk of the fanbase and many people aren't physically able to go since they only have so many areas for disabled people.
binderwritings 21st-Aug-2019 02:21 pm (UTC)
Ironically enough the more bighit grows as a company my interest in spending on them and their products wanes. BTS has always been a content heavy group but the constant releasing of new movies and merch seemingly every month has just been an annoyance. I like my capitalism less in your face.

How would the lottery system work in the US? I'm trying to figure out if speak yourself will be my last concert.
otraera 21st-Aug-2019 03:49 pm (UTC)
same. speak yourself might be my last tour too. i texted my sister "we aint never gonna see bts live ever again lol" if they choose to implement the lottery system. we have struggles getting tickets regularly.

i know taylor swift raised her price and had fans do certain things in order to get access to tickets to her tour. so maybe it might be the same thing.
otraera 21st-Aug-2019 03:32 pm (UTC)
as a causal fan of bts the lottery system is a load of bull. im not spending any more money just to get a chance to buy a concert ticket.
lydzi 21st-Aug-2019 03:45 pm (UTC)
Ia. It's good for hardcore fans but I went with a couple of friends last time, some didn't even knew BTS. Everyone enjoyed. I know the lottery system is all good and shiny in Japan but they honestly shouldn't take their example imo. Last time I checked, a lot of K-pop fans began as J-Pop fans and it all went downhill because it was impossible to have any content for free on the net or be able to go to concert etc. It may look like giving everyone a chance but it's totally untrue in the facts.

Now that's their choices. Every fan will make theirs.
pepper 21st-Aug-2019 04:17 pm (UTC)
So they're still squeezing that damn HYYH verse for all it's worth, huh? It's such a shit and boring verse tho, God knows why some fans seem to love it so much LMAO. I've never understood the obsession this fandom has towards it. It's so basic, juvenile, unoriginal and poorly written... So yeah, I'm obviously not excited about the prospect of having any more content about that shit. End it already. Jesus.
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 04:55 pm (UTC)
Because it's full of angst and the majority of ARMYs love it. Why do you think Burn The Stage and Bring The Soul are filled with vulnerable moments (and I'm almost sure the Weverse documentary will have them too)? Those fans love their emotional porn.

It's a nice AU, but I don't get crazy over it and I don't search for theories. I'm just *shrugs* ok. The music from that era was bomb though, so I'm all here for this.
lizanka23 21st-Aug-2019 05:42 pm (UTC)
came into this post for the girl group news. please let the group be more like Glam
rosiemotleymind 21st-Aug-2019 05:55 pm (UTC)
That's what I'm wondering too.

Like....where are the deets! And I'll believe it when I see it tbh
gigabytexx 21st-Aug-2019 07:50 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna start making few friends in case I will need their help to buy the concert ticket. Because I'm not paying anymore for a membership!!!
alissee 23rd-Aug-2019 05:33 am (UTC)
in Hermione's voice: HONESTLY!!!
i'm overreacting, which is stupid, but all of that really makes me mad. the lottery system? how is that supposed to work? do they expect all those thousands of people who came to their stadium concerts to buy the membership? even if not, then anyways only a bunch of the (farthest) seats will be available for direct purchase and then the ticketing will be the usual bloodbath times ten. and also so not worth it because i'm not going to another country just to watch the concert on the big screen.
oof, i'm so glad now that i went to see them this year because apparently it was the first and the last time.

and for all that continuous money grabbing, games and documentaries and dramas and stuff, i can't even...
i'm less than a year in this fandom and i'm already exhausted, lol. i love those boys the ridiculous amount, but can we please get less of them, thanks
lil_poisonfrog 25th-Aug-2019 08:36 pm (UTC)
If they really start turning away anyone who bought a ticket through Stubhub or Seatgeek in the US, lordy it's gonna be a clusterfuck. Hope BH is prepared for some empty sections at their next tour lol
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