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BigHit News Roundup: Ticketing Lottery, Girl Group Auditions and BTS Universe Drama

Big Hit Entertainment will use a lottery system for ticketing of events around the world in the near future.

On August 21, Big Hit held a corporate briefing in Seoul with co-CEO’s Bang Shi Hyuk and Yoon Seok Jun, as well as beNX’s CEO Seo Wook Seok present.

Yoon Seok Jun confirmed that the lottery system they initially introduced for BTS‘s fan meeting in June and their Seoul concert in October will continue to be used moving forward, saying, “The ticketing lottery system will gradually be used for overseas tours to improve fans’ experiences.”

The lottery system will be put in place in hopes to eliminate unfair ticketing circumstances and is one of the many improvements that Big Hit introduced to improve their fans’ concert experiences. Among others, they also introduced different ways to sell concert goods, a play zone made for fans waiting outside a venue, and live viewing services for group-viewing in a location close to the venue, live streaming services for fans to enjoy the concerts from home, and pop-up stores on the day of the concert.

Bang Shi Hyuk spoke, “BTS earned the title of ’21st century Beatles,’ while TXT earned the title of ’21st century global rookies.’ Big Hit has also shown steady growth in several fields including digital and physical album production, content production, merchandise, and more. In July, we placed No. 1 on the worldwide chart for concert tour sales.”

He continued, “There has also been a lot of change in our internal organization. Our number of employees has almost quadrupled, and we are currently working on changing to a multi-label system. We are also preparing to improve specialization for the business aspect. An example of this is our recruitment of CBO Min Hee Jin.”

Bang Shi Hyuk then announced, “Big Hit and Source Music are jointly launching a global audition,” and explained, “A global audition will be held for the debut lineup of a new girl group based on the philosophy of Bang Shi Hyuk and know-how of Min Hee Jin.”

Big Hit announced, “We are currently preparing a drama based on the BTS Universe with a famous Korean production studio. The goal is to launch it in the latter half of 2020.”

This drama will tell the story of seven boys who meet for the first time in the BTS Universe. As the drama will be based on when BTS was younger, the members will not personally act in the drama, and they will cast actors instead.

Additionally, Big Hit announced plans to greet both fans and the public through various media and genres with webtoons, novels, games, animations, comic books, and dramas. They plan on incorporating storytelling for other artists from other labels in addition to BTS.

Source: Soompi 1 2 3 4, Naver 1 2 3 4, Star Daily News 1

Oh no, lottery ... I mean it's more fair but I'm even more nervous for ticketing now that things will be out of my hands, hahhh ...
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 09:13 am (UTC)
"BiGhIt Is ThE bEsT cOmPaNy EvEr"

Yeah, what a great way to divide the rich and poor fans even more.
Also, @ all those who say "if you don't want it don't buy it" when people say they're just here for the music and not all this extra content, fuck you. Now they literally have to buy a membership for a club with extra content just to have a CHANCE of getting a ticket for a concert. As consumers we have EVERY RIGHT to criticize what they sell us.

I really hope fans will speak with their money, but I'm afraid they won't, since many are mindless sheep that will eat everything Band PD throws at them.

Drama, games... Slapping BTS' name on things that have nothing to do with music, because like I've already mentioned, the majority of fans will buy anything just because it has BTS' name on it. Look, I wouldn't be so negative about these things if the company was more invested towards the musical part of BTS, as a group (like more artistic freedom) and mostly as individuals, and not making SO MUCH extra content. Sometimes it feels like they aren't musicians.

And on another note, it's so weird that, with a few exceptions, each member isn't making a name for themselves (like, promoted individually). Members of other groups have solos, acting gigs, musicals, variety shows, etc. BTS, in their majority, are isolated. It also doesn't help that when some fans say they want a member to have a solo they get attacked by other fans ("ot7 or unstan", "solo stan", "hater", etc). LIKE IT'S A BAD THING TO WANT FOR MEMBERS TO BE JUST TAEHYUNG, SEOKJIN, ETC AND NOT BTS. Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok have done it and will most likely continue to do it, so why is it SUCH A SIN to want the same thing for the other members? Just because people want solos for the every member, IT DOESN'T MEAN THEY WILL STOP BEING MEMBERS OF BTS FFS.

sorry I just wanted to get all this off my chest
froggster 21st-Aug-2019 09:21 am (UTC)
yes to all.

and yeah they're a brand first and a band second (maybe not even second at this point tbh). That much is clear
scionofawhisper 21st-Aug-2019 09:55 am (UTC)
The fanclub + lottery for tickets is the way a lot Japanese artists who have a decent amount of popularity do it. (or if they aren't that popular then fanclub members just get first dibs but damn do they love fanclubs there, lmao) That's probably where Big Hit got the idea from, lol. For big names like Arashi, you could really only get a ticket if you joined the fanclub (or bought resold tickets). Rather than separating the rich from the poor fans, I always thought of it like separating those that don't really care about the group and scalpers from the fans who will really be into it. Idk, And if you're buying a bts concert ticket, you must already have a decent amount of money, aren't they expensive? I mean, I guess it is that added expense but it does help those who really love bts to get a better chance at a ticket..., I don't know, Japan indoctrinated me (and I bought several memberships when I lived there even though I was a poor university student) and now I don't think it's that bad, lol.

Hmm, and they aren't really musicians. at least not foremost... I mean, some BTS members do more than a lot of idols, but... most of the creative stuff and the album music and all that jazz is mainly done by their huge army of people behind the scenes. Idols aren't really musicians, they can't really truly express themselves. Their image and words and what they stand for is all decided for them. I mean, yeah, BTS is a bit different in this regard cause they do do a lot of personal stuff but all their main work is not and at the end of the day they are still idols. They made it as far as they did because of all that extra content, because of being idols and everything that comes with it. It can be a double-edged sword because it did get them wealth and fame but they can't be 'them'.
dallinferno 21st-Aug-2019 10:07 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm not surprised by the lottery stuff. I have friends who live in Japan and every time they want to go to a major figure skating even in Japan, they have to enter the lottery so everyone can have a chance at attending the event. I think they also did the same for NCT 127's concerts or am I mistaken?

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I'm not that bothered by the lottery, hopefully it will at least deter scalpers in some way.
scionofawhisper 21st-Aug-2019 10:24 am (UTC)
No way, they need it for figure skating? lol! I mean, that's kinda good I guess, cause at least it's popular somewhere.. xD I think Japan is kinda keeping figure skating around the world alive.
daynr 21st-Aug-2019 06:29 pm (UTC)
Just on the point of the fanclubs/lottery rewards those fans who really love bts .... the idea that you must devote all of this time in order to really love them is limited. Why can't you adore their music and concerts and still not devote loads of extra time and money to the rest of their activities? I know you didn't really mean it that way, but even conceptualizing it as these are indicators of really love is dangerous/limited.
lil_poisonfrog 25th-Aug-2019 08:16 pm (UTC)
I'm late to this post but I think a lottery system is fine for countries that are used to it--but it's a terrible idea for America and other western countries. Our concert culture is totally different
torontok 21st-Aug-2019 09:57 am (UTC)
I agree with your last paragraph. I get that BTS as a band/name is huge right now and the members are making good money off of that but it's shocking that most of them still haven't been able to put down roots for solo careers. Like rap line have their mixtapes/producing but the others don't seem to be doing much at all solo wise. Why not go for subunits/solos or even a variety/acting gig here and there. The group isn't permanent and they need to start establishing themselves individually too. I especially feel like they need to give Jin more solo stuff because he'll be enlisting soon
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 10:55 am (UTC)
I don't know why some fans are so against even the mention of every member having a solo or do something alone.

What also shocked me is, considering how ARMYs are so loudly OT7 (not that it's a bad thing of cource to support them all) how those same people have attacked especially PJMs for wanting Jimin to go solo (I may have seen something similar with Jungkook, can't remember for sure, but it's mostly Jimin) and/or didn't care about Yoongi's producing Heize's song. I even read a tweet from one ot7 account with huge following (that's obviously deleted now because they got called out by some fans with still working brains) that said something along the lines "we don't care about Heize's song, because it won't affect BTS' sales/numbers". Like, is this all you care about? Not the fact that Yoongi expands his musical horizons and tries to make a name for himself? But just getting bragging rights that you will use them to drag other groups? It's clear that some fans are here to feed their superiority complex and live through the achievements of BTS, and not the boys themselves and the music.

Seokjin has a degree in acting. Why tf does he not have an acting gig, after all those years? BTS are huge, don't tell me BigHit hasn't been approached for acting opportunities.

Overall, it seems like BigHit doesn't care for the longevity of BTS as solo artists, but only for the company's. Many of its moves lately look like they mostly benefit Bang PD and fill his pockets. Yes, BTS will get some money out of them, but they became trainees because of their love for music (Seokjin maybe for acting too, but I can't say for sure), which seems like it has taken a step back (or many steps?). Even Jungkook said himself "I think I kind of lost sight of it. Of why I love to perform. The reason why I perform." which is really sad and telling about some things.
katheli 21st-Aug-2019 12:02 pm (UTC)
ppl have attacked pjms mostly for hating on the rest of the members cause they only want Jimin solo, not the solo stuff per se. I'm sure one of the reasons why Bighit isn't letting vocal line do promoted/sold solo stuff is cause the akgaes would concentrate on that instead of anything else.

we've had weeks this year where random fancams of members (mostly JM and JK) had more views than the group's MV cause of solo stans paying for ads and bot views. Once Jimin drops an actual solo his akgaes aren't gonna give a shit about the group and in the long term the group just brings in way more money for Bighit than a solo act ever could, no matter how undoubtedly successful he'd be.

if Tae could do some acting, so could Jin so he probably just didn't have any offers before they really blew up and all of them have repeatedly stated that they're concentrating on the group right now (2017 onwards) that they're riding the success wave. I don't see that changing until enlistment starts. They have, what, a year left as OT7? I doubt they'll scrap the last two albums and have everybody drop a solo.

Honestly it might actually help the members who want to go acting to draw a clear line between idol/actor and start after the military and rapline, the other older members are already working on their individual careers. And maknae line already have huge individual fanbases who'll support them if they go solo, doesn't even matter that they haven't done anything yet.
nekobot 21st-Aug-2019 04:22 pm (UTC)
Saying this with love as he's my fav but...Jin (and most of the members, really) can't act. He deserves to coast by on idol name in acting as much as other idols are but compared to them he never got the time and resources to work on acting and I doubt any of them got any acting training since that cringe mini-drama we got a few years ago since they've been loaded up with work ever since. He's hilarious and could definitely have a niche in comedy content though, and in that regard he never got a chance to do all that much with it outside of BTS.

I agree with a lot of other things you're saying though! They don't "need" it because they're set for life but it sucks to see how even at the most basic level (English lessons! Vocal training!) Big Hit has a "if you want to do it, do it on your own time" approach if it doesn't translate to direct earnings for them.
rosiemotleymind 21st-Aug-2019 05:50 pm (UTC)
You've made nothing but good points. The fact that these obvious money grabs aren't being viewed critically is sad but that's what happens when the vast majority of the fan base are young. They're not spending their money but their guardian's money. I feel like when BTS first debuted the age range stayed within the actual member's ages but now it's skewed so young. BTS is now a brand it even if I still enjoy the most of the content I get. I'm wondering how this ticketing thing will go with future concerts. The extra content and having to buy it is also making me upset due to the fact that their translated things are usually fans that aren't getting paid I'm pretty sure and that it's another obvious money grab. I'm pretty sure solo things won't happen for the singers in the group until the military service is made. It sucks because they would probably want to establish themselves for when BTS finally slide from their peak.
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 06:15 pm (UTC)
What's actually sad is that there are also adults who, most likely, willfully turn a blind eye on the obvious money grabs and on other eyebrow-raising things. So many twitter accounts with big following are always trying to paint an image that BigHit is perfect, everything they do it perfect, etc, and their sheep followers eat all this up. And what's even worse is that they unleash those minions of theirs to harass/report people who rightfully criticize things, that DARE to be anything but mindless people that buy everything that BigHit throws at them. Imagine caping for a capitalistic company that only sees you as wallets and will manipulate you in order to milk as much money as they can out of you. Honestly, are there any other fandoms that a large part of them disgustingly praises everything their faves' company does?

Tbh, I'm really interested to see what will happen when the day of enlistment comes. What moves will be made.
daynr 21st-Aug-2019 06:26 pm (UTC)
I'm not even a fan and yet this all still rings so true!
lil_poisonfrog 25th-Aug-2019 08:25 pm (UTC)
Not a lie was told here. Not having a plan for solo activities only hurts the guys in the long run. They aren't gonna be dropping two albums and touring every year forever. The Korean public knows the group but none of the members have individually made a name for themselves yet. They don't have a GD or TOP or Heechul or Daniel.
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