7:52 am - 08/21/2019

BigHit News Roundup: Ticketing Lottery, Girl Group Auditions and BTS Universe Drama

Big Hit Entertainment will use a lottery system for ticketing of events around the world in the near future.

On August 21, Big Hit held a corporate briefing in Seoul with co-CEO’s Bang Shi Hyuk and Yoon Seok Jun, as well as beNX’s CEO Seo Wook Seok present.

Yoon Seok Jun confirmed that the lottery system they initially introduced for BTS‘s fan meeting in June and their Seoul concert in October will continue to be used moving forward, saying, “The ticketing lottery system will gradually be used for overseas tours to improve fans’ experiences.”

The lottery system will be put in place in hopes to eliminate unfair ticketing circumstances and is one of the many improvements that Big Hit introduced to improve their fans’ concert experiences. Among others, they also introduced different ways to sell concert goods, a play zone made for fans waiting outside a venue, and live viewing services for group-viewing in a location close to the venue, live streaming services for fans to enjoy the concerts from home, and pop-up stores on the day of the concert.

Bang Shi Hyuk spoke, “BTS earned the title of ’21st century Beatles,’ while TXT earned the title of ’21st century global rookies.’ Big Hit has also shown steady growth in several fields including digital and physical album production, content production, merchandise, and more. In July, we placed No. 1 on the worldwide chart for concert tour sales.”

He continued, “There has also been a lot of change in our internal organization. Our number of employees has almost quadrupled, and we are currently working on changing to a multi-label system. We are also preparing to improve specialization for the business aspect. An example of this is our recruitment of CBO Min Hee Jin.”

Bang Shi Hyuk then announced, “Big Hit and Source Music are jointly launching a global audition,” and explained, “A global audition will be held for the debut lineup of a new girl group based on the philosophy of Bang Shi Hyuk and know-how of Min Hee Jin.”

Big Hit announced, “We are currently preparing a drama based on the BTS Universe with a famous Korean production studio. The goal is to launch it in the latter half of 2020.”

This drama will tell the story of seven boys who meet for the first time in the BTS Universe. As the drama will be based on when BTS was younger, the members will not personally act in the drama, and they will cast actors instead.

Additionally, Big Hit announced plans to greet both fans and the public through various media and genres with webtoons, novels, games, animations, comic books, and dramas. They plan on incorporating storytelling for other artists from other labels in addition to BTS.

Source: Soompi 1 2 3 4, Naver 1 2 3 4, Star Daily News 1

Oh no, lottery ... I mean it's more fair but I'm even more nervous for ticketing now that things will be out of my hands, hahhh ...
rosiemotleymind 21st-Aug-2019 05:50 pm (UTC)
You've made nothing but good points. The fact that these obvious money grabs aren't being viewed critically is sad but that's what happens when the vast majority of the fan base are young. They're not spending their money but their guardian's money. I feel like when BTS first debuted the age range stayed within the actual member's ages but now it's skewed so young. BTS is now a brand it even if I still enjoy the most of the content I get. I'm wondering how this ticketing thing will go with future concerts. The extra content and having to buy it is also making me upset due to the fact that their translated things are usually fans that aren't getting paid I'm pretty sure and that it's another obvious money grab. I'm pretty sure solo things won't happen for the singers in the group until the military service is made. It sucks because they would probably want to establish themselves for when BTS finally slide from their peak.
the3rdjester 21st-Aug-2019 06:15 pm (UTC)
What's actually sad is that there are also adults who, most likely, willfully turn a blind eye on the obvious money grabs and on other eyebrow-raising things. So many twitter accounts with big following are always trying to paint an image that BigHit is perfect, everything they do it perfect, etc, and their sheep followers eat all this up. And what's even worse is that they unleash those minions of theirs to harass/report people who rightfully criticize things, that DARE to be anything but mindless people that buy everything that BigHit throws at them. Imagine caping for a capitalistic company that only sees you as wallets and will manipulate you in order to milk as much money as they can out of you. Honestly, are there any other fandoms that a large part of them disgustingly praises everything their faves' company does?

Tbh, I'm really interested to see what will happen when the day of enlistment comes. What moves will be made.
rosiemotleymind 21st-Aug-2019 06:57 pm (UTC)
You’re right about adults shilling our their coins but I refuse to acknowledge them because it’s sad lol. But I feel like YG stans before his downfall we’re pretty sanctimonious about the company. They had that “cool, rebellious” image that wasn’t really around at the time so stans would definitely support him. The whole Papa YG thing and whatnot.

Enlistment will really show if BH is capable of handling BTS.
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