3:54 pm - 08/21/2019

ITZY Reveals Fun Group Names That Were Almost Selected For Their Debut

DJ Kim Tae Gyun commented, “The name ITZY is unique. What does it mean?” and Yeji responded, “It means that we have (itji) everything that everyone wants.” ITZY’s name is pronounced as “itji,” in Korean, which is a conjugation for the verb “to have” in Korean.

The radio DJs continued to ask about their name, saying, “Were there any other candidates [for your group name] besides ITZY?”

ITZY began laughing as they revealed that some of the potential names were ones with “girl crush” vibes like Purple Heart, Triggle (a combination of “trigger” and “giggle”), and Queendom. They added that Park Jin Young had decided on ITZY as their final group name.

Best Name?

Purple Heart

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dior_chic 21st-Aug-2019 03:05 pm (UTC)
Triggle reminds me of Teletubbies (idk why) thank god they didn’t go with that

Purple Heart makes me think of the American military, I wonder what the meaning would be in Korea. Queendom is fun but Itzy’s concept isn’t bold enough for that. I really like them...but they’re not queens yet lol.

Itzy works for their cute but confident concept 👍 and I’m glad Denimalz or whatever it was called was never in the running it looks like
hpn88 21st-Aug-2019 06:34 pm (UTC)
Denimalz went onto become Day6 line of animal plushies for concert merch. Makes way more sense than as a group name.
dior_chic 21st-Aug-2019 06:39 pm (UTC)
Ohhhhh! *phew* that makes way more sense
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