youreagem (youreagem) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

APink Hayoung first mini album "OH!" listening post + press performances

I love the mini! I think it's a really good mix of songs and she sounds excellent! (I mentioned in the last post but I could definitely do with a little less babylon on "how we do" haha).
chorong mentioned there was a toss up between two songs with different feels for the title track, so most likely "don't make me laugh" and "do you miss me?"
the apink members have been out in full support irl and on insta. eunji at her showcase, namjoo sent a long support text, naeun at her album jacket photoshoot, bomi and chorong at her MV filming (where chorong and hayoung cried lol)

sources: K-1TheMUSIC@youtube 1, TongTongTV 통통컬처@youtube 1 2
Tags: album listening post, apink, solo activities, solo debut
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