5:37 pm - 08/22/2019

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beauty post? anyone getting anything from the sephora sale?
carmine_pink 23rd-Aug-2019 06:21 am (UTC)
I don't buy a lot of make up these days but I always have my eye on interesting skincare products. Sephora in my country just started selling Mamonde and I'm interested in some of the products.

Anybody have oily but dehydrated skin? My skin has always been oily but I've been getting some rough, flaky patches mostly on my cheeks, forehead and neck. Still trying to figure out whether it's caused by rosehip oil (though it's supposed to be hydrating, and I think it has significantly reduced my acne), or my cleanser, or exfoliator, or maybe my light, watery moisturizer just isn't moisturizing enough.
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