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Lai Kuanlin And His Lawyer Speak To Reporters After 1st Court Questioning With Cube Entertainment

On August 23, the Seoul Central District Court held their first questioning for Lai Kuanlin’s request to suspend his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment.

Lai Kuanlin remained solemn and quiet as he headed inside with his lawyer. His legal representatives had submitted a request for the trial to not be open to the public on the basis of fears on how information could be represented publicly, and the courts accepted their request.

After the questioning, which lasted approximately one hour, Lai Kuanlin exited the building with his lawyer and said, “I will allow my lawyer to speak on behalf of me on the truths [of this case]. Thank you for continuing to show concern for this case.”

Lawyer Park Sung Woo of Chaeum Attorneys At Law, who represent Lai Kuanlin in this case, stated, “The points of contention were those discussed in official statements that have been released. It is difficult for us to share details at this time,” and “We agreed to submit additional documents for the case in two weeks.”

When asked about the future of Lai Kuanlin’s activities in Korea, they stated, “Nothing has been decided yet. However, Lai Kuanlin has no plans to give up on activities in Korea.”

Lai Kuanlin has filed for a request to suspend his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment. Lai Kuanlin’s side stated that the agency had taken actions that violated the contract, and therefore Lai Kuanlin had lost trust in the agency. Cube Entertainment responded that all actions they had taken were with his permission, which prompted a second response from Lai Kuanlin’s legal representatives.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver

I've not been following this..wow, so he really wants out of the CUBE contract...
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