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Intro to singer-songwriter BUDY

Budy (Kim Gyurang) is a singer-songwriter under Slowtown Music and a former member of the group Girls Girls. She released her debut album "Budy's Midnight" on March 14th, 2019, and has since released music videos for several tracks, showing off a variety of jazzy/funky sounds.

Do Re Mi - funk

Lonely Girl - retro soul ballad

Budy's Midnight
- contemporary/experimental jazz

Sound Like - dance-funk

Sound Like dance practice

"Star" - The Show 19/04/23

"Sound Like" - The Show 19/08/20

Her YouTube channel also features various song covers, remixes and vlogs.

Source: YouTube: BUDY 버디, The K-POP

her voice is so unique (kinda like bol4's jiyoung or lim kim?), her dancing is great (as expected of girls girls) and her songs are really nice!
Tags: !artist profile, ex-group members, miso / girlsgirls, nugu

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