patz! (misstennis) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Happy 3rd Anniversary, NCT Dream!

Still the freshest boys after 3 years.

Just to remind you of their flawless discography.

The young boys have grown up so much!! Can't believe they're still all teenagers but they have already blessed us with 3 years' worth flawless discography and performances. So proud of all that you have achieved so far, Dreamies.
Yo Dream! Let's be dope, Fighting! 쩔어 주자 화이팅!

If you want to, please share your:
Favorite Single
Favorite B-side
Favorite MV
Favorite Choreo
Favorite Mini Album

Mine is My First and Last (single), My Page/Dear Dream/Bye My First (b-sides), We Go Up (MV and choreo), We Boom (mini album)

Source: NCTzen Union, NCT Dance, jeno glossy
Tags: dance video/practice, fan cam, nct
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