12:43 am - 08/25/2019

Happy 3rd Anniversary, NCT Dream!

Still the freshest boys after 3 years.

Just to remind you of their flawless discography.

The young boys have grown up so much!! Can't believe they're still all teenagers but they have already blessed us with 3 years' worth flawless discography and performances. So proud of all that you have achieved so far, Dreamies.
Yo Dream! Let's be dope, Fighting! 쩔어 주자 화이팅!

If you want to, please share your:
Favorite Single
Favorite B-side
Favorite MV
Favorite Choreo
Favorite Mini Album

Mine is My First and Last (single), My Page/Dear Dream/Bye My First (b-sides), We Go Up (MV and choreo), We Boom (mini album)

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dantethetaco 24th-Aug-2019 03:56 pm (UTC)
Honestly, it was the last NCT unit I got into. But they are so talented!

Favorite Single: Boom and We Young
Favorite B-side: My Page
Favorite MV: We Go Up
Favorite Choreo: My first and Last
Favorite Mini Album: I don't think I've listened to their albums as a whole :(
lizanka23 24th-Aug-2019 05:19 pm (UTC)
haven't listened to all of their songs but chewing gum will always be a fave from them lol
figus204 24th-Aug-2019 05:39 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to our sweet nct bbs! I was just thinking about them on the way back home from work, and wondering what SM is gonna do with them once the year is over and 4 of the members have to leave... Personally, I'm hoping for SM to start a new permanent unit with all of them (Incl. Mark). I mean, adding Chenle and Renjun to WayV would be one option, but where would they add the Korean members? 127? No... I sure hope not. They have such good chemistry as a unit so spliting them up would be a huge mistake.

Also, considering SM hasn't added any new member since they started the group makes me think that they realized that groups with changing lineups is not a good idea. You fall for the people, not the group name...

Anyhow :)

Favorite Single: We Go Up
Favorite B-side: Drippin' (or if Trigger the Fever counts as a b-side, then I choose that)
Favorite MV: We Go Up
Favorite Choreo: My First and Last
Favorite Mini Album: We Young
921227 25th-Aug-2019 01:56 pm (UTC)
I'm really expecting SM to start teasing a new round of rookies that'll be added to Dream towards the end of the year when 00s graduation becomes imminent.
avrgaesthetics 24th-Aug-2019 06:26 pm (UTC)
Favorite Single: Boom
Favorite B-side: 1,2,3
Favorite MV: Boom
Favorite Choreo: Boom
Favorite Mini Album: We Boom

i really like this era, okay lmaoooo
greasetastic_x 24th-Aug-2019 06:35 pm (UTC)
Favorite Single: We Go Up
Favorite B-side: 1,2,3 (IT's SUCH A bOP IDC. and it was the song that made me appreciate dream)
Favorite MV: We Go Up
Favorite Choreo: My First my Last/We Go Up/Go
Favorite Mini Album: Go Up

The Go Up album made me stop hating Dream's music so like it's my fave.

People always talk about how much Jisung has changed physically but looking at pictures of Chenle during Chewing Gum era he literally looks cherubic
blck_ink 24th-Aug-2019 08:54 pm (UTC)
their debut pictures are too adorable. where has time gone! i've been really into dream these pas few weeks, watching their videos and being amazed of how great they are and how good their teamwork is. it was already sad seeing mark leave but it would be a real shame if they replaced the other members and finish the og version of dream.
921227 25th-Aug-2019 01:53 pm (UTC)
lol I'm late, but I love my Dream bbs sfm

Favorite Single : MFML The ICON
Favorite B-side : 123 That opening 'Hey Shawty" is permanently etched in my brain
Favorite MV : Chewing Gum hoverboard version
Favorite Choreo : obvs the above, but We Young's choreo is so good
Favorite Mini Album: The back half of We Boom is perfect (all their minis start with 'we' T~T we stan teamwork)

I vividly remember Dreams debut and the like, conflicting, reactions to their image but I'm glad they've grown into the Dream concept and have made it fresh and fun and funky in a way only they can. They've all grown both physically and talent-wise that every time I refer to them as the superior unit it's always with complete seriousness. Chenle and Jisung have grown before our eyes like I still get whiplash looking at debut era to now -- I can't believe the same kids who had bowlcuts and curly hair with ribbon bowties can now gave us Calvin Klein-esque photoshoots. Haechan and Renjun have grown into their voices so much and RJ particularly has proven he's just as formidable as HC is. Dont get me started on NoMin! Like, no one could've told me that their weird little debut voices would grow so much and they'll be getting actual credits in Dreams music like I'm so excited for them!

I hope that SM does right by these guys, its what they deserve. Get them a solo concert, a full length, get them a unit to graduate TO, get them all the attention. It's what the public wants!
921227 25th-Aug-2019 02:17 pm (UTC)
OP, misstennis , you sent me a msg, but I can't reply. But yes, of course! :D
shazz_chan 25th-Aug-2019 03:07 pm (UTC)
It was this last CB which really made me a Dream fan so I think all my answers are gonna be from that mini haha!

Favorite Single: We Go Up
Favorite B-side: Stronger
Favorite MV: Boom
Favorite Choreo: ( Admitted don't know enough to say but... Boom for now)
Favorite Mini Album: We Boom

Me and my workmate were just talking last night about how much we've started loving Dream and we wished they were a fixed group :/
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