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BoA celebrates 19th Debut Anniversary

BoA expressed her gratitude to fans on her 19th debut anniversary.

On August 25, BoA took to her personal Instagram account and shared a handwritten message that read, “Thanks for having me for 19 years! I will always strive to bring happiness to you all through my music! I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for always motivating me.”

In the photo, BoA is smiling brightly at the camera inside a plane.


BoA is celebrating her 19th anniversary today as she released her first album “ID; Peace B” on August 25, 2000. The singer has an illustrious career both in and outside of Korea, making her mark as one of Korea’s top solo female artists.

Happy debut anniversary to BoA!

source: @soompi, @boakwon, soompi, naver
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