7:16 pm - 08/25/2019

DAY6 Talks About How Park Jin Young Recently Became More Involved With The Group

(Full subbed episode)

According to DAY6, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young recently became more involved with the group’s promotions!

The five-member band appeared as guests on the August 23 episode of KBS’s “We K-Pop,” where they dished on their recent comeback with “The Book of Us: Gravity.”

DAY6 explained that as JYP Entertainment’s first rock band, they typically see less of Park Jin Young than some of the agency’s other groups. However, they reported that things had been different for their latest comeback in July.

Leader Sungjin explained, “Park Jin Young praised [our title track ‘Time of Our Life‘] very highly, saying, ‘This song is really amazing.’ So he got really involved with our preparations for this latest song: our album jacket shoot, our music video shoot, our outfits.”

Sungjin went on to recall, “[Park Jin Young] even said, ‘Let’s try dressing the members in designer clothing.’ So for the first time in our lives, we got to experience wearing designer clothing on stage.”

source: @soompi, soompi, KBW World TV
mandm13 25th-Aug-2019 06:20 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry but if his idea of getting involved is having them dressed in questionable designer clothes he'd rather stay away lol

This episode was fun to watch, and they played an acosutic version of a few songs at the end!
shazz_chan 25th-Aug-2019 06:42 pm (UTC)
Is this why they were all dressed in questionable clothing?? LOL
So far the Shoot Me outfits/style have been my fave so I'd rather he kept away from them xD

Imagine getting fashion advice from plastic pants man like...

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