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BBC Creative Director and LOONAverse-creator Jaden Jeong left + news on LOONA comeback

Jaden Jeong was the mastermind behind LOONA's concept. He created their storyline and lore.

LOONA gave a status update on their upcoming comeback.

They revealed it during their interview at “2019 K-WORLD FESTA” photo wall. The event was held at the KSPO Dome at Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 24th.

That day, LOONA said “We are practicing very hard in preparation for our comeback in the second half of this year. In order to show off good performances and have a successful comeback, we are ‘sharpening our knives’.”

They added that “their health is very good because of their daily exercises and a healthy diet.”

Lee Sangmin and Shin Shin Ayeong, who are the MCs for the event, will be joined on stage by top artists such as ATEEZ, April, Baek Jiyoung, Cherry Bullet, (G)I-dle, Ha Sung Woon, ITZY, Kisum, LOONA, Nature, N.Flying, Stray Kids, and Super Junior.

Meanwhile, “2019 K-WORLD FESTA” finished its opening ceremony, K-OST concert, K-Band concert, K-Soul Concert, Miss Trot National Tour Encore Concert, SBS MTV “The Show,” Celuv.tV Live Show, K-Hip Hop concert, and the “2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards” with great success. On the 24th, they will finish with a musical super concert and closing performances.

source: @caskerbox, Noriedenn, PicklesandHam, theceluv
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