8:04 pm - 08/25/2019

96-line Friendship: GFriend's Yerin sends food truck for Red Velvet's Joy and Apink's Hayoung

GFriend's Yerin surprised Apink’s Hayoung and Red Velvet’s Joy with a sweet show of support!

On August 24, both Hayoung and Joy took to their Instagram accounts to thank Yerin with a series of photos. Hayoung wrote on her post, “Yerin, thank you. From Soo Young [Joy’s real name], Hayoung.” Joy posted several photos to her Instagram story and thanked Yerin in the captions.


Yerin had decided to send both Hayoung and Joy a coffee truck to show support for Hayoung’s solo debut and Red Velvet’s comeback. The banner on the truck reads, “Congratulations to Young Young on your solo debut and comeback. I love you so much, 96 forever.”

Not only are Yerin, Hayoung, and Joy members of female idol groups in the same industry, but they are all close friends born in 1996.

source: _ohhayoung_, soompi 1 2, naver
pseudo_shigure 27th-Aug-2019 06:15 am (UTC)
She does look older than her age. But what made me think she’s older is only bc apink debuted way(?) earlier than RV let alone gfriend. Although i know she’s the maknae i still thought she’s older than the other girls.
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