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JYP confirms Twice September comeback

source: theseoulstory via naver
hpn88 26th-Aug-2019 04:10 am (UTC)
yes Twice! deliver the Halloween themed fall comeback
magicpineapple 26th-Aug-2019 04:57 am (UTC)

Jfc JYP wtf are y’all doing???? All of the members look like they are seriously about to break down, mentally, physically, & emotionally. Their fanbase is huge, so I seriously doubt that they would lose too much traction if they took an E X T E N D E D break... but I guess that ₩, ¥, $, etc is worth more than the health of the group.

How much have they done this year, schedule-wise – (multiple?) world tours/comebacks/CF’s/ etc
lizanka23 26th-Aug-2019 12:41 pm (UTC)
Seriously. Especially since they have a lot of japanese fans now who are known to be loyal. They can take a longer break
pikapika217 26th-Aug-2019 05:20 am (UTC)
Can they not get until at least early November instead JYP?? THEY ARE TIRED!!
kimbafierce 26th-Aug-2019 06:39 pm (UTC)
They'd be busy with the tour on November
aures 26th-Aug-2019 06:36 am (UTC)
people are always saying how "jyp treats their artists the best" but damn god, i have not even seen SM do a group this dirty, this is insane just give those girls a f'ing break, would it really hurt your bank account that much?
apparently even more girls need to drop before they get it and that upsets me
premonitioner 26th-Aug-2019 06:40 am (UTC)
so instead of using Mina's poor health as an opportunity to be like 'yeah let's give all the members a break'....JYPE does this
timetobegin 26th-Aug-2019 06:52 am (UTC)
There is little fun in a comeback if the members are halfway to death, but if JYP puts a new record out people will buy it regardless and they know it.
kimbafierce 26th-Aug-2019 06:41 pm (UTC)
I've already seen some of the fans talking about breaking a record with album sales to "show support" for the girls.
gathyou 26th-Aug-2019 07:29 am (UTC)
I'm not happy about this.
I hope it's "just" a repackage for Fancy You because they usually don't perform a b-side for repacks and promotions would be shorter.
Also hope that they don't rush Mina back :( having her voice if the songs were already recorded before would be cute but I hope she doesn't have to show up (even just to the music video filming) before she's ready for it

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kimbafierce 26th-Aug-2019 06:43 pm (UTC)
I think it's almost confirmed that it's a new mini album, if the leaks from jp sites are true.
theweebdream 26th-Aug-2019 11:40 am (UTC)
Twice is THE biggest girl group right now. They could probably not have any comebacks for a year and they would STILL be on top. Why can’t JYP let them rest??
aridnili 26th-Aug-2019 03:41 pm (UTC)
Bc they’re assholes and see nothing in front of them besides Twice’s money to fund their flop and meaningless projects. That infant chinese boy group? A new japanese girl group? Stray Kids countless MV releases? The only profitable thing they did lately was Itzy and they also had a murderous schedule for their comeback.
lizanka23 26th-Aug-2019 12:47 pm (UTC)
JYP really doesn’t get that there could be another case like Mina’s in the group in the future with their kind of schedule. Or they just don’t take mental health seriously like in a lot of countries. Mina’s condition is not like the flu. Her anxiety might get better but it’ll never really go away. Of course they all probably suffer from exhaustion. So give all the girls a break before it’s too late

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myrrhcat 26th-Aug-2019 06:10 pm (UTC)
and JYPE even made news for hiring mental health professionals for their idols/trainees. they have a reputation for understanding mental health, clearly it's not deserved.
aridnili 26th-Aug-2019 03:32 pm (UTC)
Here I was hopeful they would comeback by the end of October. Twice is killing this year with great releases and here I’m hoping they won’t kill themselves in the process.
Why do I think they hushed this to shut Twice’s dating rumours bc God forbid they have a life?

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dallinferno 26th-Aug-2019 05:19 pm (UTC)
I love TWICE and I love seeing them perform but JESUS CHRIST. Let them rest. At this rate the group will disband in the next two years because of exhaustion. UUUUUGGGGGGGGGGH this is so damn frustrating. Besides preparing for the countless comebacks, they also perform at every single festival, concert, you name. They are working even more than BTS at this point.
aridnili 27th-Aug-2019 12:48 am (UTC)
Nah. Watch Twice having a 10 years slave contract and 3 members dropping by the end of it.
coyote_revolver 26th-Aug-2019 05:27 pm (UTC)
Welp, there goes any hope that with Itzy around, JYPE would calm tf down and space out Twice's comebacks :/
kimbafierce 26th-Aug-2019 06:51 pm (UTC)
The thing I love most about Twice is how bright and lively they are on stage every time they perform. Fancy wasn't like that; they looked dead tried after maybe the second performance, and their promo wasn't even long.
This comeback, I feel, will be the same.

Hope #JYPFaith helps them deal with this shit.
frequency 26th-Aug-2019 08:55 pm (UTC)
god. i like them but there has to be a limit to how much they can do. they could take an extended break and it wouldn't hurt them a bit.

and JYP being deadass quiet about mina gives me a bad feeling.
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