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JYP Entertainment shares statement about TWICE Mina's health

JYP Entertainment has shared an update on the health of TWICE’s Mina. On August 27, the agency shared the following statement:

Hello. This is JYPE.

This is an additional notice on the state of Mina’s health.

After checking with specialized medical institutions, it was confirmed that anxiety disorder is the diagnosis for Mina’s current health condition.

The major characteristics of the symptoms for this are continuous anxiety or intermittent anxiety that occurs unexpectedly and also abrupt changes in the level of anxiety.

Based on this variable situation, Mina’s participation in scheduled activities is being decided through discussion with Mina herself and the members. In addition, Mina’s participation in activities has to be decided entirely based on the objective state of Mina’s health, so we ask for the understanding of fans on the decisions inevitably being partially selective.

We will continuously take all possible measures for Mina’s recovery. We ask for the support and interest of fans.

It was announced in July that Mina is taking a break from activities due to health concerns.

source: soompi via jype
henolam 27th-Aug-2019 02:51 am (UTC)
they didn’t say anything new. also not saying it isn’t anxiety but these companies are such shady liars who knows...
pikapika217 27th-Aug-2019 02:51 am (UTC)
this would be a good statement were it not juxtaposed with the girls getting in a comeback before touring

avrgaesthetics 27th-Aug-2019 02:54 am (UTC)
oh gee, doesn't this sound like the perfect time to announce a vacation period for the group. instead they make them pump out another comeback.
ullielvidina 27th-Aug-2019 03:31 am (UTC)
I won't be surprised if jyp announce the Mina will depart the group next. For a company that 'takes a good care towards their artists", jyp surely does the opposite.
ironmangina 27th-Aug-2019 05:41 am (UTC)
I'm the #1 let Twice rest advocate but I gotta say, compared to 2018, this year has been much lighter in terms of what's on their plate. They had an extended vacation at the beginning of the year and a little bit of time off after their first two Twicelights dates. This upcoming comeback will have been 5 or 6 months after Fancy and only their second KR comeback this year. I don't see them having another one unless jype throw in a money grab repackage like they did last year (though that wasn't promoted). They always have really light promotions for their Japanese releases (usually it's just an appearance on music station and some hi touches) and Happy Happy/Breakthrough was no different. There's still areas where jype could cut back, such as sending them to every award show under the sun, but in terms of burnout potential: around this time in 2018 it was far worse than it is now, even with them having been on tour. Though this could all change with the Japanese leg of the tour coming up.

As for Mina, I've no doubt that she's struggling with anxiety and I really really hope jype will stick by their word and keep her health as the top priority. However, I can't help but think that her knee issues being neglected for so long also played a significant role in all this. I also hope they had her permission to share her diagnosis.

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goshipgurl 27th-Aug-2019 12:04 pm (UTC)
Mte. Compared to the years before, when they had 3-4 comebacks per year, this year was not as hectic for them.

Of course they still deserve an extended break.
aridnili 27th-Aug-2019 02:19 pm (UTC)
Truth. In 2018 they had 4 comebacks and tours, probably what contributed to Mina’s health taking a turn for the worse this year.

2018: What Is Love?
2018: Summer Nights
2018: Yes or Yes
2018: The Year of Yes

They sure will have a money grab repack by the end of the year and focus on tours, CFs and music shows and awards appearances. I just really wish they won’t include Mina in this comeback and release a song without her, so we won’t have default presentations until she comes back. I know the members love and miss her, but constantly talking about her will make fans pressure her comeback even more. Let her have an ACTUAL break and in future, if she’s feeling better, do a wonderful comeback.
gathyou 27th-Aug-2019 07:13 am (UTC)
I'm really sad for her. I hope she's taken good care of and really able to make decisions for herself without being pushed one way or the other. She already has so much to deal with. I would be satisfied with a full-blown hiatus, or at the very most some minimal participation (cameos in the Mv for example) unless she's ready for more.
JYP aren't innocent in this, they ignored her knees issues for a while and 2017/2018 was hell for the group in term of schedules. Now they're allowing her to rest and 2019 is already a little lighter, which I'm pleased, but I'm not sure it's enough (and they're not fooling me). Twice are so successful, they could take a longer break (instead of small breaks here and there) without much harm to their brand.

"intermittent anxiety that occurs unexpectedly and also abrupt changes in the level of anxiety"
I hope they had her consent to share this. If they did, I'm glad it's out there. I hope fans understand that anxiety isn't entirely black and white, that it could be fine one day and hell the other, and not always easy to predict.

"Mina’s participation in scheduled activities is being decided through discussion with Mina herself and the members"
I hope it's not a way for JYPE to deflect blame if fans aren't happy with the final decision (whatever it might be - I'm sure there will be fans pissed from not seeing OT9, or from seeing Mina while this is still fresh). Mina of course is the one that should get the final word ; still glad that the members are at least involved in discussions (especially as they mentioned Mina a lot in speeches since her hiatus).
kimbafierce 27th-Aug-2019 08:09 pm (UTC)
"I hope it's not a way for JYPE to deflect blame if fans aren't happy with the final decision"
idk if I'm programmed to see the worst in them, but my first thought was that they're pressuring Mina with this statement and distancing themselves from blame. Like they're saying it's her decision, so if you wanna blame anyone blame her.
gathyou 28th-Aug-2019 09:07 am (UTC)
Same for me, I'm always expecting the worse in companies (I mean... I used to follow YGE closely and most of my favourite groups are from SM lol). Of course the decision should be Mina's first and foremost but the way JYPE made sure to mention it in the statement feels a little suspicious to me. Let's hope we're wrong and they're really caring about her health :/
kimbafierce 28th-Aug-2019 07:48 pm (UTC)
I know this is crazy but I actually question if it should be solely her decision to make; would a person who've been drilled to to work no matter her exhaustion, pain, injury, sickness... make the right decision for her health? Or would she feel obligated to continue working? Especially when the culture encourages the mindset that you're a "disappointment" if you think of yourself first. Ihdk, and no matter how much I want to be positive I just can't.

Tho I really hope they'd stand by her just this once. That they'd really put her health first, and nothing else.
gathyou 29th-Aug-2019 08:12 am (UTC)
I don't think she should be the only one deciding - ideally there are also doctors to assess her mental health and guide her through this decision - but I still think that her opinion needs to be heard. There were so many cases of companies deciding for their idols without really consulting them, so I'm more afraid that everything is going to be decided for her by higher ups without really listening to her. But you're making a really good point, there are so many other cases when companies are letting an idol push themselves too hard because they don't want to disappoint, when they should be taking a break.
Tbh I don't see a good direction either ways. I have my own struggles with anxiety and no matter how good and rational a choice might be, anxiety is there to doubt everything.
It was just leaked that she took part in the music video shooting so now we know why they put this announcement before
kimbafierce 29th-Aug-2019 04:23 pm (UTC)
Yep, and the fact that they're still playing the will-she-won't-she-game, for me confirms their position on her health; they don't give a shit about it.
myungung 27th-Aug-2019 01:32 pm (UTC)
I do hope she gets the rest she needs, and that the statement is not gonna be bullshit (even though I'm not fully sold on their explanation)

I'm also wondering if the issues stemmed from way back even pre-debut, because seeing recent news on idols and health (jenny from dia, sunny), it does seem that the injuries and mental health don't just manifest in the recent years of the career.
kimbafierce 27th-Aug-2019 08:28 pm (UTC)
They took a long time only to say the same things they've said before.

Those words about her participation being decided through "discussion with Mina herself and the members" are a bit aggravating tho. Maybe I'm overthinking, but I feel like they're putting the pressure on her by saying something like that. If she chooses not to participate she'll have to face nasty knetz accusations of her being lazy and disrespectful, and whatever other insult they can throw at her. They should have said they'll decide based on her health, and not added anything else. Or better yet, they should have kept this post to themselves since it basically adds nothing to their other posts about her condition.
lightframes 27th-Aug-2019 10:40 pm (UTC)
Or better yet, they should have kept this post to themselves since it basically adds nothing to their other posts about her condition.

Kind of how I'm feeling, enough of her business is already out there.
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