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JYP Entertainment shares statement about TWICE Mina's health

JYP Entertainment has shared an update on the health of TWICE’s Mina. On August 27, the agency shared the following statement:

Hello. This is JYPE.

This is an additional notice on the state of Mina’s health.

After checking with specialized medical institutions, it was confirmed that anxiety disorder is the diagnosis for Mina’s current health condition.

The major characteristics of the symptoms for this are continuous anxiety or intermittent anxiety that occurs unexpectedly and also abrupt changes in the level of anxiety.

Based on this variable situation, Mina’s participation in scheduled activities is being decided through discussion with Mina herself and the members. In addition, Mina’s participation in activities has to be decided entirely based on the objective state of Mina’s health, so we ask for the understanding of fans on the decisions inevitably being partially selective.

We will continuously take all possible measures for Mina’s recovery. We ask for the support and interest of fans.

It was announced in July that Mina is taking a break from activities due to health concerns.

source: soompi via jype
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