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F.T Island's Hongki will enlist on Sep 30th in active duty

Reports have emerged that Lee Hong Ki has received his draft notice to enlist as an active duty soldier. A source from FNC Entertainment confirmed the news and said, “Lee Hong Ki will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on September 30.”

With the knowledge that he would have to enlist within 2019, Lee Hong Ki has been busy with activities in a variety of fields. He released his solo album “Do N Do” last October and then along with the other FTISLAND members, successfully held concerts both domestically and overseas this year.

He recently chose the musical “I Loved You” (literal title) and has been busy with rehearsals. However, with his enlistment date set just ten days after the show opens, he will unfortunately have to step down midway. As most celebrities these days do not try to push back enlistment dates due to ongoing official activities, Lee Hong Ki is expected to do the same. The schedule released by the production company indicates that Lee Hong Ki will be performing on September 29, the day before his enlistment.

Lee Hong Ki is set to be the first member of FTISLAND to enlist.

source. soompi 1 2, naver 1 2
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