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Zico to come back in fall

A source from Zico’s agency KOZ Entertainment revealed on August 27, “Zico is preparing for his comeback. It is scheduled for late September.” The release is likely to be a mini album.

Following the release of “SoulMate” featuring IU in July 2018, this will be his first release in approximately one year and two months. This will also be his first solo album since parting ways with Seven Seasons. Earlier in the month, FANXY CHILD (crew including Zico, Crush, Dean, Penomeco, Millic, and Stay Tuned) held a concert during which Zico revealed a new song titled “One Man Show.”

Zico established the agency KOZ Entertainment earlier in the year following his departure from Seven Seasons. Recently, Zico also produced the concept song “MOVE” for “Produce X 101.”

source soompi, naver
Tags: comebacks, zico
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