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X1 Debut ShowCon Performances

SOURCE: MNET KPOP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

They all f**king look good on stage! Yohan smiling so brightly and just like in every stage during Produce X 101 he really digest the song so well he's always perfect for it! Wooseok must be really happy and I'm glad to see that he's more enthusiastic in his performances compared to before. Seungwoo's vocals is perfect for the team. We have other good vocalists on the team so he's not hard carrying the vocals here (so far). Hyeong Jun is able to shine here as well! He's really a good dancer and lots of fans! Seungyoun is already a seasoned performer so of course he's amazing! Dongpyo has put me at ease after watching their stages, he doesn't look like a lost kid I fear he would be. Hangyul kept his promise to deliver the sexiness for the group! Dohyon is really talented and I am surprised (and happy) to see that he was perfect for MOVE. Junho adds a lot of beauty in the group and he's a good dancer too. Minhee has lots of lines! And got lots of screaming fans as well (I am surprised! I am not really a fan of the kid hehe). Eun Sang really has lots of fans. And he's a welcome addition to the vocals of the group.
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