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Lee Yoon-mi: “Please pray for the safety of our daughter in Haiti”

Actress Lee Yoon-mi (My Name is Kim Samsoon), posted on her Cyworld mini-homepage a plead for people have compassion for the people of Haiti, especially for one girl, Naika, who her and her husband, composer Joo Young-hoon, became close to on a trip to Haiti one year ago. Because they were so taken by the young girl, the couple calls her their daughter.

The couple took a humanitarian trip because of tropical storms that have hit Haiti in recent years. There, Lee Yoon-mi wrote that they “met an angel,” who they continued to keep in contact with by writing letters. On her Cyworld mini-hompage, the actress requests, “Please pray for the safety of our daughter in Haiti.”

They haven’t heard any news yet about the status of the girl or others that they met in Haiti.

Lee Yoon-mi’s Cyworld:
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