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Burning Sun CEO gets sentenced to probation despite pleading guilty

Lee Moon Ho, the CEO of the infamous club Burning Sun, has received a suspended sentence for his charges of habitual drug use.

Back in July, the prosecution demanded a prison sentence of two years and six months. Lee Moon Ho was indicted on charges of taking drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine over 10 times in 2018 to February 2019.

On August 22, Justice Lee Ki Hong of the Seoul Central District Court ruled that Lee Moon Ho would receive a one year and six month prison sentence suspended for three years of probation. He has also been ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

The court stated, “Mr. Lee has earned a lot of income from operating a major club. He was responsible for managing drug use among the guests at his club. However, it appears as though he had no guilty conscience in accepting and injecting drugs at his club. He used his girlfriend’s psychoactive drugs. Even compared to similar crimes, the nature of his crime is more serious than other people’s.”

Prosecutors demanded a two and a half year jail term in court stating "The public is strongly demanding the eradication of drugs from our society," but the court sentenced the CEO to probation instead.

To explain why the sentence had been suspended, the court said, “Mr. Lee has admitted to being responsible for his crimes and has reflected on his actions in front of the court and it does not appear as though ecstasy played a large role in his drug use.”

source: dailynaver, naver 2, soompi
Tags: burning sons, court / legal issues, crime
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