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18-year-old SHINee TaeMin’s shocking revelation, “Teenagers these days are scary”

SHINee TaeMin who is 18 years old this year reveals that he felt that “teenagers these days are scary”.

He had appeared on SBS ‘Shin Dong Yeop’s 300′ filming recently. He is joined by 300 students and they talked about issues of teenagers these days.

He was posed the question during the interview, “Are you ‘even though I’m a kid, kids these days are scary’ too?” and he answered, “Recently I went to the gaming cafe, and the students have curses and swears in half of their conversation. Even though I’m in my teens, when I heard conversations like these, I thought that the teens these days are scary.”

MC Shin DongYeop then posed the question, “When are the times when you are scared of leader Onew as the youngest of the team?” and he revealed the ‘leader Onew fears’ which only the members living together in the dorm will know.

The show will air on 24th January.

source: newsen
credit: kbites
Tags: shinee, taemin
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