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C.N Blue dominating online charts; Jung YongHwa’s ideal girl is f(x) Sulli

4-member band C.N Blue dominates the online chart as they had their debut stages on the music shows this weekend.

They had their first debut stage on KBS Music Bank on 15th January performing the title song ‘Alone’ off their debut minialbum ‘Bluetory’.

With their debut stage that day on the 15th, the group’s minialbum ‘Bluetory’ went up to #1 on Hanteo realtime chart and also on Hot Tracks real time chart. And on 17th January, it is also up #1 on the daily chart and realtime chart.

Apart of that, the group is also one of the top searches on portal sites like Daum and Nate. There is a C.N Blue fever going on. Already when the group had its debut showcase on 14th January, their minialbum is already moving up fast on various music and album charts.

Meanwhile, during their recent SBS radio show appearance, Jung YongHwa revealed that his ideal type of girl is f(x) Sulli.

The DJs have asked for his ideal type, and he said that all (of the female celebrities) are pretty and he like them all, but f(x) Sulli has caught his attention lately

News: Sookyeong
Video: miyachannel

What, no. You're supposed to mention me, TRAITOR!
Congrats boys :D

Dear mods, what's the criteria for a new group to get their own tag? (._.) *sees no CNBlue tag*
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