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Designer Paris Starn States Alleged Plagiarism Issue Has Been Resolved With SM

Designer Paris Starn and SM Entertainment have announced that the issues regarding alleged plagiarism involving Red Velvet’s outfits have been resolved.

Earlier this month, the designer took to the official Instagram account of her clothing brand Paris 99 to raise questions regarding the similarities between her work and outfits Red Velvet wore in their “Umpah Umpah” music video. She stated that SM Entertainment had never reached out to her for a collaboration, despite the outfits worn by Red Velvet taking “heavy inspiration” from her own work.

The issue has now been resolved as Paris Starn took to Paris 99’s Instagram account to post the following message, “After speaking with SM Entertainment’s visual director, we’ve come to an amicable understanding of each other and become friends, and look forward to working together in the future.”

SM Entertainment also stated, “We’ve spoken extensively with the designer of Paris 99, and we now have reached an understanding and share an amicable relationship. We plan to collaborate with them in the future.”

source: paris99, soompi, naver
Tags: fashion, plagiarism, sm entertainment
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