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F.CUZ Kan injured his left ankle during dance practice

Despite having suffered an injury to his left ankle, Kan from 'Model Idol' F.cuz showed his fighting spirit by using crutches and going up on stage.

On the afternoon of 15 Jan, F.cuz completed their stage performance on KBS Music Bank and attended the dance rehearsal for the remix version of their song in the practice room. During rehearsal, Kan got injured as he overstretched the ligament while turning his left ankle for a tumbling practice. The other member, LeeU, also sustained an injury to his right little toe.

The remix version of F.CUZ's song will add acrobatics to the existing dance moves, and this increased the level of difficulty by another notch. The enthusiasm of the members grew, which has indirectly led to the injuries.

"Kan was immediately sent to the hospital and had to use crutches. As his ankle was very very swollen, we had to let him use the crutches," a spokesperson of F.CUZ mentioned during a phonecall with Newsen.

However, the biggest problem lies in their schedule. This is because F.CUZ, who has officially started their activities for debut song 'JIGGY', was scheduled to perform on Show! Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 16th and 17th respectively.

The staff members tried to persuade Kan to rest, but it was revealed that Kan had simply just said, "I will definitely go on stage. I won't die from this extent of injury. This is an important period as we have just started our activities, so I can't give up." In the end, Kan took painkillers and attended the dry rehearsal for Show! Music Core in the afternoon of the 16th. After the rehearsal, he visted the hospital again.

"Kan is very firm in his intention to be on stage. He will fulfill all his scheduled activities on Show! Music Core and Inkigayo this week," said a spokesperson of F.CUZ.

On the other hand, F.CUZ has been scheduled to display their "upgraded" and new choreography next week.

Source: Newsen + F.Cuzed forum

Silly boy. :/
Seeing him with crutches at the backstage was kind of sad. T__T
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