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Magazine Ho #32 "Coldplay Medley"

Magazine Ho 2019: 🎼
🎤GLAY - However
🎤Chris Brown - Undecided
🎤Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
🎤Gavin James - Nervous
🎤Zhang Li Yin and Xiah Junsu - Timeless
🎤Bruno Mars - Gorilla
🎤Imagine Dragons - Natural

Magazine Ho 2018: 🎼
🎤Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix)
🎤Lee Moon Sae - Girl
🎤Maxwell - Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
🎤Crush - Sofa
🎤Camila Cabello - Havana
🎤Charlie Puth - How Long
🎤Charlie Puth (Feat. Selena Gomez) - We Don't Talk Anymore (with SORN of CLC)
🎤휘성 (REALSLOW) - 울보
🎤Gethsemane 뮤지컬 "Jesus Christ Superstar" Soundtrack
🎤Kim Shin Il - Last Night of October
🎤Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
🎤Lada Gaga and Bradley Cooper - Shallow

Magazine Ho 2017: 🎼
🎤Jung Seunghwang - If It Is You (Another Oh Haeyoung OST)
🎤Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
🎤Kotoba Ni Dekinai
🎤Sam Smith - Lay Me Down
🎤Music Soulchild - Forthenight
🎤Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower
🎤Jeremih - I Think Of You
🎤Yoon Jong Shin - Like It
🎤Charlie Puth - Attention
🎤Chris Brown - With You
🎤Moon Myung Jin - On a Sleepless Night
🎤Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

Source: United CUBE

Thank you so much Jinho for doing a Coldplay medley! It's just perfect! I've said it many times before, Jinho is sooooo good doing English song covers. He enunciates his words clearly. And of course, his voice remains flawless and perfect for any song genre
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