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Police May Investigate “Show Me The Money” & “Superstar K” Series For Potential Vote Manipulation

In addition to the current investigation on Mnet’s “Produce 101” series, the police may also look into the “Show Me the Money” and “Superstar K” series for potential manipulation of votes.

On September 2, News1 reported that the police obtained voting data from “Show Me the Money,” “Idol School,” and “Superstar K” during their search and seizures of the CJ ENM offices in July and August.

A source who chose to remain anonymous shared, “As far as I know, ‘Show Me the Money’ is also suspected of manipulating audience votes. It is known among several sources in the music industry that there was unlawful intervention in the audience votes.”

Another source said, “Though [the series] has already ended, the police are expanding their investigation to include ‘Superstar K.’ Those who took part in producing ‘Superstar K’ at the time are being asked by the police for their cooperation.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated at a press conference on the same day that they do not have plans to investigate “Idol School” yet.

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