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Hyemi Opens Up About Making No Income With FIESTAR, Her Hopes After Disbandment, And More

Former FIESTAR member Hyemi (now known as YEL) has shared some behind-the-scenes stories about the time she promoted as a member of FIESTAR.

On September 2, YEL participated in an interview to celebrate the release of her third solo single album “Feel Lethargic.”

YEL began, “I was a trainee for such a long time that I was called ‘LOEN Entertainment’s fossil.’ Out of the friends who trained with me, [MBLAQ’s] Thunder and IU debuted first, and I finally debuted as a FIESTAR member after going through a series of canceled debuts. It was difficult, of course, but I also had fun while training.”

When asked how she feels about not having received as much spotlight as other members including Cao Lu and Yeji, YEL stated, “I would be lying if I didn’t think that I had as many charming sides to show [the public as much as Yeji and Cao Lu]. However, I was more thankful that the members helped increase the popularity of the group.”

YEL also answered honestly about the amount of income she received while promoting with FIESTAR. The singer said, “My income was zero. The agency provided us with high-quality stage outfits and props, but compared to that, our results weren’t as great. However, it was a good agency. They would always give us allowances.

She continued, “Even though I did not receive any income, working with FIESTAR remains a valuable experience for me. We weren’t extremely popular, but there are still many people who remember FIESTAR. In addition, we did not disband due to negative reasons, so we are all rooting for each other. I hope every member becomes more successful and happy.”

At last, YEL shared her gratitude to her fans. She said, “After the group disbanded, I gave vocal lessons to people who are training to become idols. During that process, I also got to seriously think and study about my voice and the way I produce sound. It might sound cliché, but I hope you continue to watch over me as I will continue to improve and make good music.”

source: soompi 1 2, naver
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