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CJ's eldest son Lee Seon Ho caught smuggling drugs

The eldest son of CJ Group Lee Seon Ho (29) has been caught smuggling drugs.

According to the Incheon District Prosecutor's office Tuesday, they're investigating Lee on charges of violating the law on narcotics management.

According to prosecutors, Lee Seon Ho is suspected of hiding dozens of liquid marijuana cartridges in an aircraft from the US and then trying to smuggle them through Incheon International Airport the previous morning. A liver urine tested conducted on him tested positive for drugs. Customs authorities found out about Lee's smuggling during a routine search of inbound passengers and forwarded his case to prosecution.

Prosecutors revealed that the liquid marijuana cartridges Lee attempted to smuggle have the same strain of drugs as those found on 3rd generation chaebols from SK Group and Hyundai Group who were indicted and tried for drug charges.

The prosecution booked Lee without detention so he's been allowed to return home for now.

A prosecution official stated on the 3rd, "We are investigating Lee Seon Ho without detention under consideration of whether he had a criminal record, the type of drugs, and whether he acknowledges the charges. It's difficult to disclose details of the investigation including the schedule of any future investigations."

Lee Seon Ho (29) joined Cheil Jedang [CJ] as the head of its bio business team and is the eldest son of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun (59).

His wife Lee Dae Hee, a former announcer, is also drawing attention from netizens.

Lee Seon Ho (left) with announcer wife Lee Dae Hee (right)

From wiki: CJ Corporation (Korean: 씨제이㈜) is a South Korean conglomerate holding company headquartered in Seoul. It comprises numerous businesses in various industries of food and food service, pharmaceutics and biotechnology, entertainment and media, home shopping and logistics.

Notable CJ subsidiaries include CJ Cheil Jedang (Food and Beverage), CJ Korea Express (Logistics), CJ Olive Networks (Health & Beauty Stores & IT), CJ ENM (Entertainment and Retail), and CJ CGV (Cinema Chain).

source: dailynaver, sbsnews, asia economy, wikipedia
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