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Mir Visits His Hometown

After those emotional entries about missing his father and home, Mir finally got a chance to go back to the old farm!
And he brought along some city boys....

[Cyworld] 2010.01.18 at 03:10
In what seems like a hundred years, I went to my hometown.
Although we arrived at dawn, my energy boost was high.
When I saw my dad, my eyes were wide with emotion.
When I used to live in my hometown my dad would never turn on the boiler because of the expenses
but because I said Jjoonie hyung and Chundoong hyung were coming down as well he turned on the boiler.
I was so happy.
But still it was so cold that Jjoonie hyung, Chundoong hyung and I were hugging each other.
We thought our mouths were going around.
The next day we went to the country town and shopped, went to school, worked, and even rode sleds.
I was so happy
Someone kept saying to me that I was their third cousin and kept asking for a sign.
Although I signed I don't remember.
I only know up to my cousins sorry.
Anyways I was so happy that I went to my hometown in a long time.
If there is a chance I want to go to another village and play too.
Good Night.

Source: Absolute MBLAQ Forum
Translation Credit: mblaq_mir_@abm forum

Pictures, Mir! I want demand pictures!
Tags: cyworld, mblaq
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