7:52 pm - 09/03/2019

Finally... GOT7 "Keep Spinning" World Tour Europe Ticketing Opens Next week

Source: GOT7

All pre-sales for the EU dates open September 9th at 11AM (venue's local time) and end at September 11th at 11AM (venue's local time)

For information look up the different cities on MyMusicTaste but it seems like prices/seating's all the same throughout

any European omonians going lol?
juhli 3rd-Sep-2019 06:41 pm (UTC)
Wow, all seated! Also, someone called up the arena and they said all tickets were numbered with fixed seats
camouflagecat 3rd-Sep-2019 07:06 pm (UTC)
Even VIP? What would the "first entry" mean in this case then?

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biene 3rd-Sep-2019 09:48 pm (UTC)
thank god, the Paris date for their last tour was a shit show with the fans all giving themselves their own number to queue when the venue didn't want to follow it
yuujinchous 3rd-Sep-2019 07:04 pm (UTC)
i'm excited and everything but like my personal life is such a mess right now that i actually wish (and i cannot believe i'm saying this) they had postponed or straight up cancelled their european tour lmfao :( i'm only gonna have limited access to the internet when ticketing starts... fucking hell... why couldn't they do this literally a day or week earlier!! on a sidenote, i hate that berlin and paris ticketing is always always always at the same time!! please!!! there are people who want to go to both!!!!!!

anyways this is just... so much stress that i really don't need right now but guess what i'm still gonna try my damndest to get a ticket during the pre-sale... idk how but i will...

anyone ever been to a kpop concert that was all seated? how does that work with the pit in front of the stage, is that seated too then? and do people usually abide by the rules? because i feel like in the excitement of actually getting to see got7 some people might move away from their seat to be closer to the stage or whatever... i really don't know how this works lmfao

so happy about hi-touch! good for us european fans :> also i'm actually tempted lmao if i can do ticketing somehow i might just go for it hmmm

anyways that gif is so appropriate op sighs
snowphone 3rd-Sep-2019 07:08 pm (UTC)
i've been to two all seated and ppl in the front seats just left them and gathered around the stage
yuujinchous 3rd-Sep-2019 07:17 pm (UTC)
ah okay thank you for letting me know! i didn't really expect anything else but it does make me less inclined to go for a seat closer to the stage hmmm idk idk
camouflagecat 3rd-Sep-2019 07:22 pm (UTC)
I'd been notified of rumours of the ticketing opening in the morning and I got SO anxious about it and had literally no excitement over getting to go on the tour at all, and then legit a few hours later all the info drops >__>

But now that I have the prices and a (very slim tho lbr) chance for hi-touch I feel like I might try for it anyways ahhhh I DON'T KNOW well I have a few days to mull it over but... like I'm just annoyed over planning flights and bookings with a month's notice (and idk I might've talked about this with you before but I don't plan on going just the concert but having a few days vacay in the city I choose (as of now I'm thinking of Berlin), idk I haven't travelled that much but everyone's been bitching about that so... I'm just overwhelmed.

....And yeah I went thru this same shit in the summer when the dates first dropped, I'm just not cut out for this stuff lol. But I absolutely get why you wish they'd cancelled cause I had the same feeling, which is CRAZY bc we should be happy bc we're fans but bc of their shitty way of doing things we're just stressed out over everything lol fml.
daynr 3rd-Sep-2019 07:39 pm (UTC)
you have time, it's a full month, and Berlin is easy to get around on public. Plus it's not peak travel season that month. And there are always plane tickets in Europe.

though I haven't been to Finland yet, so I don't know about their plane tickets.
camouflagecat 3rd-Sep-2019 07:43 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the reassurance, I appreciate it 😩
daynr 3rd-Sep-2019 07:52 pm (UTC)
I mean this nicely, but a month is beyond plenty of time. You could plan it in two days (I mean, really in one afternoon on one website, but I like to comparison price shop, so say two days.) Travel generally is so easy these days with everything online.

well, assuming visa's don't require advance work, but I don't see why a Finnish passport to Germany would require that.
camouflagecat 3rd-Sep-2019 08:03 pm (UTC)
Luckily I don't need Visa to travel to most countries with my passport.
I mean you're probably right, but ppl have been mostly complaining about prices and then me not being a seasoned traveler and always thinking the worst as a first reaction, well... lol, there you have me, freaking out before I can properly assess the situation.
yuujinchous 3rd-Sep-2019 07:43 pm (UTC)
yeah there is so much info to digest! i really need to sit down this weekend and go through it all, it just feels so overwhelming right now. chances for hi-touch might be slim during ticketing but you could always buy it from someone else later! i'm sure a lot of people will end up not being able to go which, honestly, is completely understandable! i hate that they announced this on such short notice. i wish we could all just boycott but alas. yep definitely think it over again! a mini vacation sounds nice, you should go for it if you have the means and time!

yeah same, me neither! like i'm stressed and nervous but excitement? it's definitely there but not as much as i wish and it's not because of got7 but because of everything else. sigh anyways i hope we get a seating plan sooner rather than later. hopefully this week because i definitely need it to make the choice of which ticket i'm gonna buy. good luck to us both, op!! :')
daynr 3rd-Sep-2019 07:38 pm (UTC)
for pretty much all the U.S. shows tickets were available right up to day of via resellers (I travel a lot so I looked at different cities.) Europe might be different, but even if you don't get seats, you and still probably get seats.

hi touch, well, it's probably different.
yuujinchous 3rd-Sep-2019 07:54 pm (UTC)
oh yeah for sure, i bought my ticket for their paris concert last year from a reseller too but only hindsight did i realize how easily they could have scammed me lmao so if i can i try buying from an official source! but yeah obviously for either berlin or paris i'm gonna have to go through a reseller again (unless i can get someone i know to buy one for me during the official ticketing but idk)

can't believe i actually have a miniscule chance to touch jinyoung's hand... amazing
biene 3rd-Sep-2019 09:50 pm (UTC)
lol im the same about the timing but I might still take a chance on it. now I have to figure out getting to London and a place to stay
yuujinchous 4th-Sep-2019 05:16 pm (UTC)
i hope you manage to figure it all out! i bet they're gonna have so much fun in london ahh and hopefully you will too! good luck with ticketing :>
figus204 3rd-Sep-2019 07:29 pm (UTC)
If they were going to Sweden then I might consider going but I'm not gonna travel outside of the country. I'd rather save up the money needed for lodging, travel etc. and later go to Korea. I miss Korean food so much TT.

Also, I'm sad that the company that used to arrange kpop concerts in Sweden a few years back has stopped doing that completely.

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markama 3rd-Sep-2019 08:25 pm (UTC)
Those prices... o.O
but it's worth it
shazz_chan 3rd-Sep-2019 10:06 pm (UTC)
Yep,gonna be at the London date, I booked my hotel soon as they announced so just tix to get now (Y)

What does the early entry mean if it's all allocated seating anyway? Bit bummed out about the all seating, much prefer standing but hey, still happy to see my boys in any way :3

I was gonna buy Slipknot tickets but I held off cos I just KNEW either GOT7, Day6 or The Rose were gonna be announcing things soon, glad I did now cos it's such a money drain lol.
theblobmaster 4th-Sep-2019 06:14 pm (UTC)
hopefully if i can get a ticket this time around i'll go to the berlin one
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