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f(x)’s Fans Say SM Rejected Ads For Group’s 10th Anniversary + SM Responds

SM Entertainment has responded to reports that the agency turned down fans’ ads for f(x)’s 10th debut anniversary.

On September 4, a source from SM Entertainment told Star News, “It’s not true. We were never contacted by the advertising agency regarding this matter.”

Earlier that day, a media outlet reported that f(x)’s global fan support group FX-OXYGEN previewed extensive ads for the girl group’s 10th debut anniversary in COEX Mall.

Along with photos of previews of the ads, FX-OXYGEN explained, “We plan to run a total of 42 ads in Seoul’s largest shopping mall, COEX Mall, including ads on hallway pillars and information pillars. We plan to run over a total of 150 ads on f(x)’s debut anniversary of September 5.”

On September 4, however, FX-OXYGEN posted on Weibo, “We received a notice about the project being banned. After sending the information and blueprint to SM Entertainment, we received notice that the ads are not allowed due to a ‘company reasons’ and they said ‘it’s unavoidable.’ The event we prepared for f(x)’s 10th debut anniversary has failed. We’re currently in the process of issuing refunds [for the advertisement costs].

f(x) debuted in 2009 and gained a large fanbase. In 2015, Sulli left the group and f(x) promoted as four members, however they have been on a long hiatus following their last comeback with “4 Walls” in 2015. On September 1, Amber announced that she chose to part with SM Entertainment after her contract expired.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2

Happy 10th f(x) anniversary!
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