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IN2IT's Kim Sunghyun paints a bleak picture on the reality of nugu idols as he leaves the group

Earlier today, MMO Entertainment announced that Kim Sunghyun will be leaving IN2IT due to personal reasons. The statement was very standard:

Hello, this is MMO Entertainment.

We would first like to apologize to IN2U who love and care for IN2IT as we deliver this unfortunate news.

Member Kim Sunghyun has decided to suspend his activities as [an IN2IT member] due to personal reasons.

Thank you for your endless love and support all this time. We ask for your warm support and interest for Kim Sunghyun and the future activities of IN2IT, who will be promoting as a 6-member group.

Thank you.

IN2IT was initially formed through Mnet’s 2016 survival show “Boys24.” The boy group recently made a comeback as a six-member group following Kim Sunghyun’s participation in Mnet’s “Produce X 101.”

Kim Sunghyun is the second member to leave the group after Jinsub’s departure in 2018.

Soon later, Sunghyun made a statement on his IG regarding his departure from IN2IT and didn't hold anything back:

- He has not been paid a single dime in the 2 years of activities. For the last year he only received 41 $/month from his company for his mobile phone contract.
- The company says they have no money bc of Boys24 and so the group can't promote. They are also blocking him doing solo fanmeetings or posting on sns. Members are also paying the hair&makeup-fees by themselves.
- His father's health is bad and he can only think about how he has to support his family financially as soon as possible.
- His early termination penalty fee is ~ 300,000$ (later reduced to ~ 100,000 $ by CJ). Feels incredibly frustrated because he basically worked for free for 2 years, never received any financial benefit from being in the band and now is expected to pay for it.

source: @baksoosquad (thread), soompi, naver, ss0_0hh

"I am beginning to think that going on Boys24 and coming out of that harsh survival program to debut as IN2IT was a poisoned chalice for us."

I wish him and his family the best :-(
Tags: member changes, nugu, produce 101 alumni, social media/youtube
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